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Arizona Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys

When parents leave their children with Arizona daycare centers, there is no overstating how much faith is being placed in those daycare supervisors and employees. Parents entrust the health and well-being of their children with, ultimately, strangers. While this trust can be well-placed, there are daycare employees who take advantage of and abuse the children they are meant to oversee. If your child has been the victim of daycare sexual abuse in Arizona, then Arizona child injury attorneys can help you establish a case and acquire justice for you and your child.

The health and well-being of your child should be your priority, and this includes a focus on healing the trauma of sexual abuse. However, tending to trauma scan be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, finding a new and suitable daycare center can result in lost wages and inconsistent child supervision.

Experienced daycare abuse attorneys in Arizona will allow you to focus on the health of your child by helping you establish your case, navigate the options available to you as you pursue justice, and ensure that you receive the maximum possible compensation that you are owed.

How Can an Attorney Help Victims of Daycare Sexual Abuse? Understanding Your Options

Because Arizona’s statute of limitations for child sexual assault expires twelve years after the victim turns eighteen, there is some time to decide which course of action is best for you and your child, but in order to acquire the settlement and justice your child deserves it is vital to act quickly. In a civil case the predator is most often held liable for their abuse, but a predator's supervisor or the organization that employs them may also be held liable for creating unsafe spaces.

Additionally, it may be that not only your child can sue in a civil court. While a child that has been the victim of sexual assault can be represented in court by a parent or guardian, that parent or guardian may also be able to sue for psychological harm, physical harm, or other causes. Arizona personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are experts in interpreting and applying Arizona laws and policies, and are experienced in fighting for the justice that victims of daycare sexual abuse are owed.

Commitment-Free Inquiry

Experts at Carabin Shaw understand that it is impossible to make the best decision for your family without the proper and necessary information. To ensure that you have the information required, our lawyers offer a free case review and initial consultation. No one should be forced to make a decision without understanding their options, and Arizona child injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are committed to providing that for victims of daycare sexual abuse.

Expert Knowledge of Arizona Law and Procedures

When seeking representation, it is imperative that victims seek lawyers with experience in working with laws specific to Arizona. The state’s statute of limitations is not the only unique policy to Arizona, and Arizona child sexual abuse attorneys are necessary for acquiring the compensation and justice that you and your child deserve.

Expert Attorneys at Carabin Shaw Fight for Victims of Daycare Sexual Abuse

No one should have to pursue justice for their child alone. If your child has been abused by a daycare employee, then our experts are ready to fight for the justice you and your child deserve. Carabin Shaw understands that it takes time to decide on the correct course of action in these cases. To make sure that you have the help you need, when you need it, our English AND Spanish-speaking staff are available toll-free, 24/7, at 800-862-1260.

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