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Arizona Swimming Pool Laws and Regulations | Personal Injury Attorney

In mere instants, a fun family day at the pool can change to a life-altering tragedy. Every year in Arizona, the prevalence of swimming pools designed to offer fun in the sun leads to fatal drownings and traumatic near-drownings.

In order to prevent these tragedies, the state of Arizona has passed many laws and regulations to keep swimming pools safe. If you are the owner of a swimming pool, it is important to follow the guidelines to the letter in order to prevent drownings and other swimming pool accidents. Arizona personal injury law assigns legal liability to those who fail to meet the following requirements. If you and your family have suffered a drowning or swimming pool accident, contact a qualified swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona as soon as possible.

What to Know About Residential Swimming Pool Safety Requirements in Arizona

Arizona law stipulates the following safety measures must be met by the owner of a swimming pool in a residence housing one or more children younger than six:

  • Swimming pools must be fully protected by an enclosure—specifically, a wall, fence, or barrier at least five feet in height
  • If part of the enclosure protecting the pool is formed by a house or other residence (say, a house or apartment building), the following measures must be met:
  • Another gated barrier that can be latched and closed must come between the swimming pool and the residence
  • The owner must equip the pool with a motorized safety cover
  • Windows and doors with direct pool access must be safeguarded by a self-latching device and a screwed-in screen and/or a keyed lock
  • Aboveground pools must have removable stairs that are secured when pool is not in use as well as sides that children are unable to climb
  • Some other guidelines to consider:
  • Children should be monitored at all times while in the pool—floats are not a substitution for adult supervision
  • Pools must have CPR guidelines easily accessible at all times
  • Pool owners are encouraged to attend CPR and other first-aid seminars
  • Be sure to check your equipment and safety measures regularly to make sure the gate latches, pool covers, and other protective barriers are functioning correctly

If a pool owner fails to adhere to these swimming pool safety laws and regulations, they are legally responsible for any drownings on their property. Make sure that, if you are a swimming pool owner, your property adheres to Arizona’s regulations; if you are swimming on someone else’s property or sending your children to swim on someone else’s property, ask and make sure that their swimming pool is up to required code.

Seeking an Attorney After a Swimming Pool Accident or Injury

Even though these laws were passed to prevent swimming pool accidents, tragedies happen every year. When seeking a personal injury lawyer to represent swimming pool accident victims, it is important to consider lawyers with prior experience in Arizona swimming pool laws and regulations.

A personal injury lawyer who deals primarily with auto accidents and 18-wheeler collisions will not necessarily have the requisite knowledge to navigate the specific laws pertaining to your accident claim. Arizona personal injury law states that plaintiffs have two years to file a claim after an accident, so contact Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra today.

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer in Arizona | Jesse Guerra

If you are searching for a personal injury lawyer with years of experience representing swimming pool accident victims and their families, consider Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra. Call our offices toll-free today at 1-800-555-0101 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with this world-class personal injury attorney.

Like all Carabin Shaw attorneys, personal injury lawyer Jesse Guerra can provide years of legal experience to each of his clients. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Guerra’s education, expertise, or practice areas, visit his page on Carabin Shaw's website.

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