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Dangers of Pool Drains | Arizona Personal Injury Law

Swimming pools are a common way for families in Arizona to beat the desert heat. However, when owners neglect to routinely maintain their pool or properly supervise young swimmers, the results can be disastrous.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident, you should consult a swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra has years of experience helping victims get compensation after a swimming pool accident. Learn more about his practice as a Carabin Shaw attorney here.

Why Pools Drains Can Be Dangerous

Almost every pool uses a suction-based drain to keep the pool clean, filtering out things like leaves, dirt, sunscreen oil, and more. Although they are necessary, if used improperly, they can pose a threat to some swimmers, especially young ones. If a lightweight swimmer gets too close to a drain, they may be unable to escape the suction, which can hold them underwater and lead to drowning, as well as other types of serious problems.

To learn more about pool drains and their potential hazards, talk to an attorney. If you’ve been injured by a pool drain, you may be able to receive compensation under Arizona personal injury law.

Forms of Entrapment

The dangers of pool drains are a hazard for any swimmer. Below are the common types of entrapment caused by pool drains:

  1. Limb entrapment - When an arm or a leg is unable to be removed from a drain due to the suction.
  2. Hair entrapment - An improperly covered drain can cause someone’s hair to get caught in it.
  3. Body entrapment - If any part of the body covers a drain, the suction can hold it down.
  4. Mechanical entrapment - Swimmers’ accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hair ties, or their swimsuits can get sucked into a drain, which can force the swimmer underwater.

Entrapment can seriously injure or kill swimmers. Talk to a lawyer about your options after a pool drain accident.

Who is Liable After a Pool Drain Accident?

Swimming pool accidents fall under premises liability laws, which means the owner of the property, whether private or public, owes a certain duty of care to people on their property. When people are injured, the owner of the property may be held responsible if they breached their duty of care.

For swimming pool accidents, pool owners can be held liable if their pool is unsupervised or inadequately maintained. However, if the injured party was acting recklessly, the landowner may not be found at fault. To understand how liability applies to your case, speak with a swimming pool accident lawyer in Arizona.

Preventing Drain Entrapment

Although drain entrapment can pose a serious threat to swimmers, there are a few measures that can prevent a drain entrapment injury from happening:

  • Routinely check that every drain is properly covered and meets all safety regulations. If you’re a guest at someone else’s pool, ask them about the last time they inspected their drains.
  • If children are in the pool, supervise them at all times. The younger and more lightweight a child is, the more at risk they are if they come into contact with the suction of a drain.
  • Avoid swimming with your hair down, excess jewelry, or loose clothing. Any of these can be caught in a pool’s drain, which can cause drowning or near-drowning.
  • Never exceed the recommended setting on your pump, and be sure the emergency shutoff button is accessible at all times.

These small steps can make all the difference in preventing a drain entrapment accident from happening. If you have questions, consult a lawyer.

The Safest Road to Compensation

Arizona personal injury law allows you to receive compensation if you were injured in a pool accident. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra knows how to get justice in pool drain accident cases. For a free consultation, call today at 1-800-555-0101 to speak with an attorney at our firm.

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