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Drowning or Pool Injury at an Illinois Private Home

For children, one of the most dangerous activities is swimming. Although swimming pools are a site of relaxation and fun for families in Illinois, there are nearly 400 unintentional drownings that occur in pools every year. If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries or drowned in a pool accident, you should speak with an Illinois injury lawyer.

Working with an attorney will ensure that you’re in good hands and that you’ll get the justice you deserve. Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra has been fighting for victims of swimming pool accidents for decades. He works hard to make sure every client who has experienced a drowning or pool injury at an Illinois private home is well represented and taken care of.

Premises Liability Laws, Different Types of Entrants

Premises liability laws are the set of laws that pool accidents fall under, which sets certain standards that property owners must adhere to in order to prevent harm to those on their property. The level of care, however, varies depending on what class of “entrant” the visitor is classified as.

Most states distinguish between three types of visitors, or “entrants” on a property:

  1. Licensee - A licensee is someone like a social guest who has permission by the property owner to be on their property and is there for their own benefit.
  2. Invitee - A person who is invited onto the property by the property owner but is there for the mutual benefit of themselves and the property owner is considered an “invitee”. Construction workers, repair men, etc are considered invitees.
  3. Trespasser - Lastly, people who are on the property without the owner’s consent are considered trespassers.

What type of entrant the plaintiff is considered will greatly affect any case. Talk to a lawyer to understand this information in relation to your case.

Premises Liability Laws, Standard of Duty of Care

The Illinois Premises Liability Act and its 1995 amendment holds property owners to the same standard of duty of care for both licensees and invitees. They are required to do the following:

  • Give warnings of any obvious dangers or take necessary steps to prevent them from harm from these conditions
  • Give warnings of any possible dangers that could result from the misuse of their property
  • Protect visitors from the misuse of their property or anything attached to it

When it comes to trespassers, Illinois law states that owners do not owe adult trespassers any duty of care beyond not trying to wilfully or intentionally cause harm to them.

To understand more how Illinois premises liability law may affect your case, talk to a swimming pool accident lawyer in Illinois.

Why do Injuries and Drownings Occur?

When it comes to swimming pools, safety should be the number one priority. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The following are some of the most common causes of injuries in swimming pools:

  • Lack of supervision
  • Broken ladders or stairs into the pool
  • Slick area surrounding the pool
  • Broken materials such as glass or wood
  • Faulty pumps
  • Improper maintenance
  • Negligent chemical treatment

One of the other common causes is improper barriers. Illinois law requires that private pools be surrounded by a barrier that is at least 3.5 feet tall. This law, however, does not apply to either above-ground pools or hot tubs. If an improper barrier was the cause of your accident, consult an Illinois injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Getting Compensation For Your Injustice

If you’ve suffered a drowning or pool injury at an Illinois private home, you deserve compensation. You can try to fight on your own, but it can be difficult. It’s not only easier on you, but your chances of winning are much greater when you work with a swimming pool accident lawyer in Illinois. An experienced lawyer like Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra will fight hard on your behalf. To learn more about him, go here. Call today toll free at 1-800-555-0101 for a free consultation.

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