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Most Common Causes of a Wrongful Death | Arizona Injury Lawyer

“Wrongful death” is a broad term encompassing any number of deaths caused by the negligence, carelessness, recklessness, or wrongful acts of others. In Arizona, the survivors of a victim of wrongful death are eligible to pursue a wrongful death suit up to two years after their loved one’s death.

Wrongful death and personal injury law can be incredibly complex. Luckily, qualified personal injury lawyers can help represent your wrongful death case in Arizona.

Is My Loss Considered a Wrongful Death?

If you have questions regarding whether or not your loved one’s death can be proven to be caused by the negligence of others, contact an Arizona personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

However, the following guide to the most common causes of a wrongful death can be helpful in determining your eligibility (while this list covers many of the causes of wrongful deaths, if you don’t see the cause your wrongful death case in Arizona, consult with a lawyer—your loved one’s death might still qualify under state law).

  • 18-wheeler accidents
    • 18-wheeler collisions are incredibly dangerous. The severity of any negligence on behalf of the driver is multiplied by the sheer size and velocity of a commercial truck.
  • Automobile accidents
    • Automobile accidents are the most common cause of wrongful death. Negligent drivers endanger more than themselves, unfortunately, and many victims pay the price on Arizona roads every year.
  • Motorcycle accidents
    • Law-abiding motorcyclists are killed every year due to the reckless driving of others.
  • Airplane accidents
    • The probability of surviving an airplane crash is extremely low. Therefore, the responsibility of the pilot, mechanics, and airport administration is enormous. Pilots should be adequately trained and sound of mind, mechanics should make sure aircrafts are functioning and up to date, and airport administration should make sure they provide employee training and updated aircraft.
  • Train accidents
    • Similarly to 18-wheeler collisions, passenger vehicles or pedestrians are unlikely to survive a collision with a vehicle of this size. Train operators and mechanics are therefore obligated to
  • Abuse and neglect
    • Abuse and neglect of children, elders, or adults with disabilities leads to many preventable deaths every year. While in some cases this neglect can lead to criminal charges, often damages are settled out of court.
  • Medical malpractice
    • If the negligence or wrongful act of a doctor, surgeon, nurse, specialist, or hospital administration leads to lack of necessary patient or care or incorrect treatment, they could be held liable for medical malpractice.
  • Occupational hazards
    • Workplaces such as manufacturing warehouses, oil fields, and power plants come with obvious potential occupational hazards, but the truth is that all workplaces, if not properly regulated, can provide potential dangers for employees.
  • Hazardous or malfunctioning products
    • If a manufacturer knowingly releases malfunctioning products or fails to notice product malfunction through negligence, they could be held responsible for any injuries their product’s defects cause.
  • Animal attacks
    • Animal attacks might be rarer than the other causes on this list, but if a person’s pet or livestock attacks your loved one and this injury results in death, they could be held financially responsible.
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Like all Carabin Shaw attorneys, Jesse Guerra can offer clients high quality legal expertise and ample time and care to every personal injury suit. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Guerra’s years of experience in wrongful death law, visit his page on Carabin Shaw’s website.

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