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Most Frequent Causes of Trucking Accidents in Illinois

Every year, thousands of 18-wheelers transport goods across Illinois’ highways. While most truck drivers are responsible workers and collisions are statistically rare, when they do occur, the consequences are deadly. The Illinois Department of Transportation reported that 1,035 people died in 951 crashes in 2018—amounting to almost three fatalities per day. Of these fatalities, over 10% were caused by big trucking accidents.

If you or a loved one is suffering after a big trucking accident, an Illinois 18-wheeler accident attorney can help you evaluate your options. In order to best help you with your accident claim, it is important that your truck accident attorney in Illinois understands the cause of your 18-wheeler collision.

Illinois Trucking Accidents: Causes and Effects

So, what causes these fatalities every year on Illinois roads? If your 18-wheeler collision was not caused by your own error or negligence, you will have a stronger case for financial compensation.

Some of the most frequent causes of trucking accidents in Illinois include:
  • Driver incapacitation due to drugs or alcohol
  • Truck driver’s lack of sleep resulting in drowsy driving
  • Driver’s failure to abide by traffic guidelines
  • Failure of the truck driver’s employer to adhere to OSHA guidelines (including limiting amount of hours truck drivers are required to work each day)
  • Failure of the truck driver’s employer to provide truck driver with adequate training or licensure necessary for safe driving
  • The failure of the truck driver’s employer to safely maintain 18-wheelers
  • Poor weather conditions resulting in slippery roads
  • Inadequately secured cargo

If the cause of your trucking accident was the negligence of the truck driver or their employer, the financial responsibility of your injuries should fall to them. However, the defendant’s legal counsel will do what they can to protect their client’s interests and prevent you from receiving the financial settlement you are due, so you and your attorney will need to work together to clearly establish that the cause of your accident was the negligence or wrongful act of the defendant.

Trucking Accidents: Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Whether the fault of the accident ultimately lies on the truck driver, their employer, or chance, the result is the same. Unfortunately, the most common effect of trucking accidents is fatality. Passenger vehicles just don’t stand a chance in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Many victims die instantly in the shock of the crash, while some succumb later to their injuries. However, even if trucking accident victims survive the collision, their injuries are likely to be severe. Many truck accident victims suffer trauma to the head, spinal fractures, paralysis, or loss of mobility.

Whatever the extent of your injuries, you deserve fair financial compensation to cover the cost. With the help of an experienced accident lawyer, you are statistically less likely to be taken advantage of by predatory insurance companies and more likely to receive a fair payout for your physical, financial, and emotional damages.

Trust Experienced Illinois Attorney Jesse Guerra

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