Popcorn Lung Disease

Although the exact cause of "Popcorn Lung Disease" - technically Bronchiolitis Obliterans, or an "obliteration of the lung's airways" - is unknown or at least disputed, it has been theorized and debated that that the disease is caused by inhaling airborne flavoring chemicals which are released from the sweet, buttery scent of microwave popcorn. There are strong indications of this link.

The disease gained notoriety in 2007 as a result of an FDA probe into the case of a man who ate numerous bags of butter-flavored popcorn each day. He was diagnosed with the same disease as workers from microwave popcorn factories and flavor-producing plants.

Although the average consumer is unlikely to take in as many of the chemicals as a factory worker, those who make microwave popcorn a substantial amount of their diet (particularly if using the brands of Orville Redenbacher and Act II Microwave popcorn brands, which have been specifically linked to the disorder) may be at risk of developing this disease should contact a popcorn lung disease attorney - an attorney who understands the background of this upsetting series of events and can advise an individual about how to be compensated for their suffering due to the dangerous chemicals which are included in these microwave popcorns. ConAgra Foods, which owns both brands, has stated an intent to drop diacetyl - the chemical in question - from its products as of 2008.
If you or someone you care about has worked in a microwave popcorn factory or in a factory which made these chemicals for use in microwave popcorn, or if you suffer the symptoms of popcorn lung disease (which include a cough and shortness of breath, and which steadily worsens over time) then you may not have realized at the time that you had contracted this disease. By contacting a popcorn lung disease attorney, you can find out whether your condition put you in a position to take bring suit against manufacturers of microwave popcorn to seek damages for your debilitating condition.

There is a long history of successful prosecution of and settlement for popcorn lung disease, stretching back as far as 2004. Many individuals whose lives have been ruined by their decreased respiratory capacity have been able to obtain fair judgments entitling them to millions of dollars in compensatory payments. By contacting us for a popcorn lung disease attorney consultation, you can discover whether you might be eligible for similar amounts.

ConAgra, Inc has acknowledged the link between their product, its ingredients, and the disease suffered by so many of their workers and consumers. However, due to the long-term nature of this popcorn lung disease, individuals may not realize they suffer it for years.