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Rear-end or Head-on Collision with an 18 wheeler in Illinois

No matter what part of Illinois you’re driving through, you’re bound to share the road with an 18 wheeler. Most of the time if you drive safely, you’ll be able to avoid an accident with a big rig, but sometimes a negligent truck driver can cause a rear-end or head-on collision with an 18 wheeler in Illinois. Both of these types of accidents can cause property damage as well as severe injuries.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler, you should talk to an injury attorney in Illinois about getting the compensation you deserve. Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra has years of experience working 18 wheeler accident cases and has a winning record of getting proper compensation for accident victims.

Rear-end vs. Head-on Collisions

Two types of accidents you can get into with an 18 wheeler are rear-ends and head-on collisions. Both of these kinds of accidents can lead to injuries, but the difference in their frequency of occurrence and likelihood to cause injuries makes them two very different types of collisions.

Of all types of 18 wheeler accidents, head-on collisions are the most dangerous. Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles moving in opposite directions collide. The combined speed and force of these types of crashes make them especially likely to cause serious injuries or death.

Rear-ends, on the other hand, are less likely to have the same intense impact and consequences that a head-on collision does (although they still can), but they occur much more frequently. Drivers involved in rear-ends can sustain neck and spine injuries, as well as others, which still means the injured driver may require a long recovery time and have extensive medical bills.

Regardless of the type of collision you’ve had, it’s always best to let an Illinois 18 wheeler accident lawyer review your case and assess what it might be worth.

What Causes Rear-end and Head-on Collisions?

A number of circumstances can cause rear-end or head-on collisions. Below are some of the most common reasons these types of wrecks occur:

  • Distracted driving - Truck drivers spend hours and hours on the road day after day, and sometimes they lose focus, entertaining themselves to help the time pass by. When truckers drive distracted by texting while driving, tuning the radio, and eating and driving, it can lead to severe accidents.
  • Speeding - One of the most common causes of rear-ends and head-on collisions is speeding. Truckers, like everyone else, are supposed to follow the rules of the road. When 18 wheeler drivers speed, it puts everyone on the road around them at risk. Talk to an attorney if speeding was a factor in your accident.
  • Inadequate training - To safely operate an 18 wheeler, truck drivers need serious training. Sometimes though, truckers and trucking companies forego the proper training in order to meet demands. Inadequate training is a form of negligence, which your injury attorney in Illinois can try to prove and win you compensation.
  • Negligent maintenance - Federal law requires trucking companies to perform routine inspections and maintenance to keep their 18 wheelers safe while on the roads in Illinois. When they allow maintenance to fall to the wayside in favor of profit, it can lead to a major disaster on the road, such as a tire blowout or failing brakes. If you suspect negligent maintenance was the cause of your 18 wheeler accident, you and your lawyer can fight to get compensation.
How To Get What You’re Rightfully Owed

No one deserves to get into an 18 wheeler wreck, especially when it could have been prevented had it not been for another’s negligence. An Illinois 18 wheeler accident lawyer can fight for you to make things right. Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra believes in doing whatever he can to help victims recover compensation in an 18 wheeler accident. Call today at 1-800-555-0101 for a free consultation.

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