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School Bus Accidents

Every year well over 440,000 school buses provide transportation to more than 24,000,000 public school students to and from school everyday. Considering these statistics, it is important to note that everyday your child's or your children's lives could be impacted in a moment. We already know that most car accidents take place within minutes from home, and the same rule applies to daily bus rides. The frequency of school bus accidents poses a greater risk to those relying on that mode of transportation. At Carabin & Shaw we know just how precious a child’s life is and have qualified San Antonio school bus accident attorneys readily available to help you in the event of an unfortunate school bus accident. It is important to know that if your child or family member has been injured in a school bus accident, call our law firm so we can help. Call us at 1-800-862-1260 anytime or day and one of representatives will get to work for you immediately.

Keep in mind that while school buses are considered one of the safest modes of transportation, over 26 children die each and every year in school bus accidents. Over two dozen children were seriously injured or wrongfully killed just getting on or off the school bus alone. Of course school bus accidents can be devastating and in the event you or a loved one have suffered from such an accident, school bus accident lawyers serving San Antonio at Carabin & Shaw are here to navigate you through the legal process.

The good news is that in an effort to further prevent students from sustaining injuries or fatalities in school bus accidents, school bus safety advocates have been fighting for years to implement seat belts in the design of all yellow school buses, arguing that the school bus design has not changed since 1977. This implementation would potentially lessen unnecessary accidents and injuries. Due to the recent tireless efforts of these safety advocates, Governor Rick Perry signed a law that requires school buses to have seat belts in newly acquired school buses. This is excellent progress, and while it may reduce school bus injuries and fatalities significantly, other factors will still play a role in the safety of school bus rides.

In addition to seat belt advocates there have been further efforts from communities to prevent pedestrians and non-bus occupants from being injured in school bus accidents. States have also instituted safety precautions that must be taken by drivers in the vicinity of school buses, such as not passing a stopped school bus with alternating red flashing lights activated unless the lanes are separated by an intervening space. Now, if a motorist was to ignore these safety precautions there are hefty fines. Points may be added to the driver’s license and there is a possibility of imprisonment. In the event you are impacted by a negligent driver, Carabin & Shaw has a school bus accident attorney advising San Antonio ready to take on your case.

Now it is important to note that not only students and school employees can suffer from a school bus accident but also innocent bystanders may fall victim to such incidents. So whether you were a passenger on a bus, the driver of another motor vehicle, or a pedestrian that has suffered, you do share equal rights when it comes to a school bus accident. The first step in understanding what to do after such a tragedy is to contact one of our San Antonio school bus accident lawyers so we can find the best avenue to take to find an appropriate resolution to your case.

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