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Signs of Sexual Abuse at an Arizona Daycare

As a parent or guardian, you are your child’s first line of defense against the dangers presented by the world. As such, parents are quick to pick up on signs that all is not right with their child, even if their child cannot articulate or is afraid to admit the trauma they have suffered at the hands of a trusted child care employee.

Daycare sexual abuse is a serious crime, often resulting in long-term mental and emotional scarring for victims and families. However, when armed with information, parents can seek justice for their child with the help of an experienced daycare abuse attorney in Arizona.

Physical Symptoms of Daycare Sexual Abuse

Physical injuries are often the first indicators of daycare sexual abuse. The physical effects of sexual abuse generally take two forms: genital bleeding and/or bruising and sexually transmitted diseases. If your child develops any worrying physical symptoms, it is important to seek the advice of a pediatrician or other child specialist. Aside from diagnosing and treating your child, these expert testimonies will be crucial for establishing damages in your daycare injury lawsuit.

Abrupt Changes in Behavior or Personality

Children rarely verbally articulate that they have suffered inappropriate touching at daycare; instead, they often exhibit subtle or overt behavioral changes. Parents are generally the first to notice these signs, but they may not always know what they could indicate.

Contact a professional if your child exhibits any of the following:

  • Withdrawal from physical touch
  • Bed-wetting and/or night terrors
  • Abnormal anxiety about attending daycare
  • Overly aggressive behaviors
  • An age-inappropriate interest in sex and sexuality
  • Signs of anxiety or depression
Long-Term Effects

The reality is that, even once children are treated for the immediate physical and emotional aftereffects of Arizona daycare sexual abuse, they are likely to still face a long road to healing. Healing from sexual trauma can take a lifetime, requiring a support system of loving family members and qualified psychologists. For this reason, it is important to hold abusers legally accountable to prevent other children from facing this trauma and to help your child achieve a degree of closure.

Options for Parents and Guardians

If you notice the signs of sexual abuse at an Arizona daycare, your personal injury lawyer will help you know what to expect out of the child injury lawsuit process. Firstly, you will need to decide whether to file criminal or civil charges. Criminal charges may result in jailtime and mandatory registration on the sex offender registry, but conviction is dependent upon the decision of a jury. Additionally, criminal conviction may not result in financial restitution for daycare abuse victims.

If your attorney does not believe there is enough concrete evidence to pursue criminal conviction, parents may choose to file a civil lawsuit. The benefits of a civil lawsuit include immediate compensation for your family’s physical injuries, financial losses, and emotional damages. Additionally, settling a civil lawsuit is not dependent on a jury conviction, meaning it is guaranteed your child’s abuser will face consequences for their crimes.

The Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys at Carabin Shaw Can Help

Choosing an experienced, competent attorney to represent your daycare sexual abuse lawsuit is a crucial first step towards winning justice for your child. If you are searching for quality representation, contact the team of daycare abuse attorneys at Carabin Shaw. Our dedicated team of child injury legal specialists can ensure your family receives fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Are you interested in learning more about your legal options following daycare abuse in Arizona? If so, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with an experienced Carabin Shaw daycare abuse attorney in Arizona. To plan your case review, contact our 24/7 English and Spanish-speaking staff at 800-862-1260.

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