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Victims of Swimming Pool Accidents in Illinois

Swimming pools can be great fun in the summer, however, they can also be dangerous for young children. Stanford Children’s Health reports an average of 3,600 injuries a year occur because of a near-drowning incident. A 2019 report detailed that five fatal accidents occurred in Illinois. These accidents are sometimes the result of someone’s negligence.

Victims of swimming pool accidents in Illinois deserve a skilled lawyer on their side. Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra is known for his expertise on these types of accidents. Read on to learn more about what you can do if you or a loved one is suffering from a pool accident.

What Factors Increase Drowning Risk?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report the following elements increase drowning risk:

  • Lack of Swimming Ability: Swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning for children aged 1-4.
  • Lack of Supervision: A child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone. Be sure to always supervise children in and around the pool.
  • Lack of Barriers: A four-sided isolation fence reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 83% compared to three sided fencing.

You can reduce the risk of unintended drowning by ensuring there is enough supervision, proper barriers, and utilize life jackets for those with limited swimming abilities. Pool owners who refuse to comply with simple safety measures may be sued for negligence in pool injury cases. An Illinois injury lawyer can provide further guidance on how injuries from drownings can be prevented by implementing basic safety measures.

Common Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents can occur in and out of the water. Some examples include:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: Slippery surfaces can result in some serious falls that could cause head, back, or neck injuries.
  • Drowning or Near Drowning: Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death. Prevent drownings by becoming water competent.
  • Diving Injuries: Diving head first, especially into a shallow area, could cause traumatic head or brain injuries.

These types of accidents result in hospital visits, and sometimes physical therapy, which can cost thousands of dollars. Working with a swimming pool accident lawyer in Illinois can make it so the negligent party covers your current and future medical costs.

How Much Financial Compensation Could I Receive?

The amount of compensation you could receive depends on the severity of your injuries and the ability to hold another person or persons as negligent. An Illinois injury attorney may consider the following while estimating the monetary worth of your case:

  • Medical Costs: Includes hospital visits, physical therapy, treatments, etc., including the cost of future treatments.
  • Emotional Distress: Traumatic events, such as a near drowning, can impact one’s mental health.
  • Pain and Suffering: You may be eligible to receive compensation for chronic or recurring physical pain.
  • Loss of Income: If your injuries have made it impossible for you to work, then you may be able to recover lost wages.

A few seconds of negligence can impact one’s life forever. Victims of swimming pool accidents in Illinois deserve to have the financial burden of medical costs lifted. Begin your journey to financial compensation by speaking to a legal representative today.

Call Experienced Lawyer Jesse Guerra For Help

Calling an attorney for the first time can be intimidating. However, Illinois attorney Jesse Guerra, like all other Carabin Shaw attorneys, puts his clients first. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation.

Mr. Guerra’s expertise on swimming pool accidents is extensive. Not only is he a recognized pool and water safety expert, but he’s served as legal counsel for the National Drowning Prevention Association. To learn more about Mr. Guerra’s expertise, read his profile on our website. If you’ve been looking for a swimming pool accident lawyer in Illinois, then look no further than Jesse Guerra.

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