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What To Ask a Potential 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

After an 18 wheeler accident in Arizona, you are often faced with severe injuries, large medical bills, and emotional trauma. To get justice for your tragedy, you need to get compensation. The legal process can seem daunting, but working with the right 18 wheeler accident attorney serving Arizona can make all the difference.

Knowing what to look for and what to ask a potential 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help make the decision process easier when seeking representation.

The Truth About 18 Wheeler Accidents

18 wheeler accidents are not the same as car accidents for two reasons.

  1. First, 18 wheelers are massive in comparison to your everyday passenger vehicle, with a weight difference of up to 75,000 lbs or more. This drastic discrepancy in size often leads to more serious injuries, and more serious injuries means the possibility to recover more damages.
  2. 18 wheeler accidents are also different from car accidents because they are more legally complicated. Not only are they governed by a separate set of state and federal laws, but who is liable in an 18 wheeler accident is not always the truck driver. A number of parties could be responsible depending on the specifics of your case, which is why it’s best to consult a lawyer with experience handling truck accidents. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra would be happy to review your case and tell you your options.
Questions To Ask a Potential Truck Accident Lawyer

Finding the ideal attorney can make or break your case. When you’re meeting with prospective Arizona truck accident lawyers, there are a number of questions you should ask to make sure they’re the right fit for you:

  1. What experience do you have working 18 wheeler accidents? - It’s important to know any potential lawyer’s experience working truck accidents and what their record is in winning cases. Every law firm has areas of expertise, and you want one that specializes in 18 wheeler accidents.
  2. What kind of evidence do I need to make my case? - Having the right evidence is critical to winning your case. Know what evidence you need and make sure to collect and gather all necessary materials to have your best chance at getting compensation.
  3. Who can I sue in my truck accident case? - In 18 wheeler accidents, a number of parties can be liable such as the truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer, cargo company, and more. Let an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney serving Arizona review your case and determine who you should sue under your circumstances.
  4. What potential damages can I recover? - You’re suing because you want to recover damages, so you should know all the possibilities of what you could recover in your case. An Arizona truck accident lawyer can tell you what damages you may be able to recover and give you an accurate estimate of what your case is worth.
  5. What’s your fee? - Before working with a law firm, you should know what you’ll be paying them if you decide to work with them. Many law firms work on contingency fees, meaning they only get paid a percentage of the damages you earn if you win.
  6. What if I’m partially at fault? - Arizona has a system of pure comparative negligence, which means you are able to get compensation for any percentage that the other driver was at fault. To learn more about how these laws work, talk to an experienced attorney.
Finding a Truck Collision Lawyer Who is Right for You

An 18 wheeler accident can greatly impact your life. No one deserves to get into an 18 wheeler accident, but when you do, you deserve justice. Arizona attorney Jesse Guerra is someone who cares about getting what’s right for his clients.

Jesse Guerra has years of experience working with 18 wheeler accident victims, and he knows how to make truckers and trucking companies pay for their negligent actions. If you need someone who will fight for you, call today at 1-800-555-0101 for a free consultation.

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