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Who Is Liable for Child Care Sexual Abuse? Illinois Attorneys

As a working parent, ensuring the well-being and safety of your child is a top priority. However, managing that duty and other obligations often requires that children be left in the care of childcare centers on a regular basis. The amount of faith required towards these caretakers is immense, and childcare providers do not always live up to that level of trust. If your child has been inappropriately touched or sexually abused at a childcare facility, then you may wonder how to get help. In cases like this, it is vital to work with experienced Illinois child injury attorneys.

The ensuing trauma that results from daycare sexual assault cannot be exaggerated, and it is one of the most heinous crimes to commit towards a child. As such, it is essential that your focus is on finding help for your child. The process of doing so, alongside establishing a case, can often be confusing and hectic.

Illinois personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are experts in their field and are ready to work with you so that you can focus on that recovery. Attorneys at Carabin Shaw will communicate with insurance agencies, apply their knowledge and experience to help you file your claims, and make sure that you receive the maximum possible settlement for your child.

Illinois Daycare Regulations

A high level of care and attention is required to look after children, especially in multitudes. Because of this, the state of Illinois requires that childcare centers follow strict regulations and standards for safety. While this includes regular background checks for daycare staff, these regulations are not perfect. Background checks such as these cannot identify a predator who has not been previously charged with abuse, a predator who has not yet abused a child, and so on. In the case that your child has been abused by daycare staff or volunteers, you might wonder who can be held responsible.

Who Is Liable for Child Care Sexual Abuse?

Almost all daycare providers require that parents sign waivers of liability before entrusting their child to the center. Part of these waivers often include sections that state the parent forfeits their right to sue if a child has been hurt or abused. Lawyers and state courts, however, have stated that it is against public policy to provide immunity to these centers before the event of a child being harmed or abused.

If your child is the victim of such abuse, then it is important to recognize that you are not without options for justice. Contacting daycare abuse lawyers in Illinois will grant you the opportunity to learn more about the options available to you, and help you decide what action is correct for you and your child.

When it comes to pursuing a lawsuit, and fighting for rightful settlement and compensation, there are several options that may seem confusing. A predator who sexually abuses a child is liable and can be held responsible for the physical and psychological damage done to a child, with the parent as a representative. This individual can also be held responsible to the parent, for similar psychological or emotional trauma.

In addition to the predator, an employer or business may also be held liable for allowing the abuse or providing a space for abuse to occur. Because these cases can be muddy and complicated, it is vital to work with an experienced Illinois child injury attorney.

Carabin Shaw Fights for Victims of Child Care Sexual Abuse

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