ACCIDENT INJURY REPORT – Spilled Cement Causes Accident, Kills 2 in Humble TX

Photo Credit: KPRC TV

(Humble Texas, Feb 16, 2020) A cement truck spilled its contents on a roadway Friday February 14, in Humble Texas causing an accident that killed two people.  The truck belonging to Lattimore Materials was loosing wet cement on the pavement that caused a hazard on Old Humble Road about 5:30 in the morning.  A northbound vehicle then slipped on the cement and slid into the southbound vehicle  Both drivers of the passenger vehicles died at the scene, they were LaTanya Earl (49) and Seliz Palacios (19).

An investigation is ongoing as it is unsure at this time which passenger vehicle originally slipped in the wet cement.  It is also noted that the Lattimore Materials truck may have been driving the wrong way on the road.

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Texas Road Hazards 

Improperly secured loads is one of the causes of roadway hazards in Texas. According to TXDot in 2019 there were 929 incidences in urban areas due to the load not being secure.   Due to the nature of this load (wet cement/wet/other) it caused a road surface condition hazard, in which 168 people died last year.  This could of been a preventable incident.

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