Seven Children Injured in Texas School Bus Accident, two school busses in Texas City, TX, were involved in a collision during afternoon drop-off that injured seven students. The accident occurred when two Independent School District busses were approaching the intersection of Bay Street extension and 25th Avenue North at around 4:30 p.m. Evidently, the first school bus pulled up to the intersection and stopped at a stop sign. The second school bus failed to stop in time, rear-ending the first bus. Authorities have not released the total number of students on board the busses, and the accident remains under investigation.

While law enforcement has not yet released the official details of the accident, preliminary news reports offer conflicting information. Initially, police indicated that seven people were injured in the accident. According to one report, emergency responders took two of the injured students to the hospital, and the other five were released to the care of their parents. However, another report indicated that four students and the driver of the school bus were hospitalized, and two students were immediately released to their parents.

There is no indication of the seriousness of the students’ injuries. However, it appears everyone who was admitted to the hospital was released that same day. All students involved in the accident attended Levi Fry Intermediate School.

School busses are generally seen as safe. In part, this is because school busses are large and, for the most part, travel at a slow speed. However, the possibility of a serious Texas school bus accident is ever-present.  Adding to the concern, there is no law in Texas requiring all school busses to have seatbelts. Currently, the law only mandates that school busses made after 2018 are equipped with seat belts.

Parents of children who were injured in a school bus accident can pursue a claim for financial compensation against one or more negligent parties responsible for the accident. These cases not only hold irresponsible drivers accountable for their actions but can help families cover the costs of a child’s accident-related expenses.

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