Single-Vehicle Accident in South Texas Claims Ten Lives

Earlier this month, a Texas car accident involving a van carrying an estimated 30 people crashed, killing ten and injuring twenty others. According to a local news , the accident occurred in South Texas, about 80 miles north of the Mexico border. Evidently, the driver of the van was attempting to make a right-hand turn when they lost control and crashed into a utility pole.

All passengers aboard the van are believed to be undocumented immigrants. The crash occurred less than a week after the Texas Governor issued an executive order preventing private transportation companies from providing transit to migrants. Some believe the Governor’s orders may have limited safer forms of transportation, resulting in the accident victims cramming into the overcrowded van.


Recovering After a Texas Single Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle accidents make up a significant number of the total Texas motor vehicle accidents each year. After a single-vehicle accident, the driver, as well as any passengers, can recover financially for their injuries through the driver’s insurance policy. These accidents, however, pose various hurdles for both drivers and passengers when seeking to recover for their accident-related injuries. For example, a driver’s own fault may limit their recovery or even preclude it altogether in certain situations.

As for passengers injured in a single-vehicle accident, the situation is a bit more straightforward as they do not generally share responsibility for the accident. However, passengers often encounter an unenviable situation where a driver’s insurance limits are insufficient to fully compensate them for their injuries. This is especially the case in single-vehicle accidents involving multiple passengers.

For this reason, it is imperative when considering a personal injury lawsuit, accident victims identify all potentially liable parties, as this may increase the number of insurance policies that cover the accident.

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