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North Dakota Wrongful Death Lawyer

Life is a very fragile thing. While (through technological and medical advancement) human beings have managed to steadily increase their average life expectancy, these statistics regarding life expectancy are based on the aggregate of human experience, not the individual experience. As our loved ones become expected to live longer and longer, it becomes even more devastating when one of our family or friends meets with an untimely death. Sometimes these occurrences are no one's fault. Occasionally someone may suffer from a genetic or otherwise predisposed condition, or some unpredictable natural disaster. However, often times (due to advancements in technology and medicine) these untimely deaths might well have been prevented. According to the CDC, in North Dakota, in the year 2012 alone, over 300 people died of accidental causes, many of which would have been clearly preventable.

In the event that an accidental death occurs as a result of irresponsible behavior, the remaining family members of the deceased are legally entitled to compensation. Given that this is the case, it is often important for the family of the deceased to enlist the help of a local, North Dakota, wrongful death lawyer in order to assist with their case. Occasionally the responsible party is an individual (such as in cases of drunk driving accidents or faulty contract work), but often times accidents can be work related, in which case victims of the accident must prove their case against insurers or large corporate entities. In fact, the AFL-CIO rated North Dakota home to the highest rate of work related deaths of all of the fifty states in the United States of America. When tragedy befalls a worker and insurers or businesses refuse to take responsibility, often the victim's only recourse is to hire an experienced, North Dakota, accidental death attorney to make sure that the responsible parties are brought to justice. In this case the victims safest bet would be to contact a reputable team of local attorneys, like the North Dakota accident and injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw.

While work-related accidents are extremely common in the state of North Dakota, there are many other instances where a death might be deemed legally wrongful. Examples where a wrongful death may occur include a drunk driver, negligent security, unsafe conditions in the workplace, a building or any other structure, and medical errors. A wrongful act or negligence that results in a death is considered a wrongful death. There are statutes, called survival statutes, which allow the victim’s survivors to file a tort claim against the entity or person liable for the death. This can arise from every area of North Dakota tort law. With such a detailed system of local and state law, it becomes increasingly important to consult with a thorough, North Dakota, wrongful death lawyer that will make sure each individual case is handled properly.

When you turn to Carabin Shaw, we will assess the merits of your case, determine applicable law, discover any and all liable parties, and/or any potential financial loss(es). Often times, cases are resolved between attorneys, through settlements or arbitration, especially when multiple parties are liable. If litigation is necessary, the accident and injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw will engage in extensive preparations, research and investigation so as to develop a case for trial with the goal to maximize the odds of a positive result. North Dakota attorneys with Carabin Shaw help with wrongful death claims that occur all over the state. It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you are seeking a wrongful death case. So if you or someone you know has been involved in an accident resulting from negligence, don't hesitate, call the best North Dakota, wrongful death lawyer you can find. Contact Carabin Shaw today!

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