18-Wheeler Crashes Over Bridge Wall in San Antonio


Not all of the bridges in San Antonio are as safe as they should be.


18-Wheeler Crashes, Dangles Over Bridge on Loop 1604

According to a KSAT News report, an 18-wheeler accident today resulted in the cabin dangling from an intersection bridge on Loop 1604.

Police have not yet reported the cause of the accidents or if there were any injuries as a result of the crash. The portion of Loop 1604 and the Green Mountain Road Bridge was temporarily closed as crews pulled the dangling cabin back onto the road. However, it has since reopened, and police are investigating the accident.

Did You Know?

The State of Texas currently has 11,814 bridges deemed “structurally deficient,” according to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.

Bridges and 18-Wheelers – A Dangerous Combination

Many bridges in Texas were designed to allow the safe passage of an 18-wheeler and other large commercial vehicles. But, truck drivers often get their rigs stuck under bridges or fail to safely navigate turns on bridges, causing accidents like in the above case.

How 18-Wheelers Endager Other Drivers in Bridge Collisions and Overhang Accidents

There are many ways a big rig getting stuck under a bridge can endanger other drivers on the road, including:

  • Falling Bridge Parts – Large trucks have the capacity to seriously damage the generally old and deficient bridges across Texas, which can cause heavy debris to fall and hurt other drivers.
  • Pile-Ups – A frequent result of bridge accidents is highway pile-ups. Texas roads can become very slick with oil, especially if it rains after a long dry period. This makes drivers unable to stop in time, even if they were traveling at a reasonable following distance. After all, no one expects an 18-wheeler to suddenly crash into a bridge.
  • Forward Collision Risk – These are often at high speeds (especially on Interstates like I-10 and I-35), making serious injury and death incredibly likely.
  • Spilled Cargo – In addition to hazardous bridge parts, drivers can also be harmed by cargo falling from the loaded vehicle. 18-Wheelers often carry cargo that is heavy and possibly hazardous, and the resulting impact on surrounding vehicles can be devastating.
  • Falling From Overhang – Big Rigs that swerve to miss road debris and other cars fall from overhangs across Texas. These accidents are almost always fatal for the driver and vehicles traveling on the road beneath.

Why Do 18-Wheelers Get In Bridge Accidents?

Human error is the number one reason why 18-wheelers get stuck under bridges or run off the road onto traffic below. Whether it’s an error on the truck driver’s part or other vehicles, negligence plays a factor 97% of the time.

  • Company Negligence – Failing to follow state regulations for height and loading limitations and not properly training employees is an example of company negligence.
  • Truck Driver Negligence – Not being aware of the height limitation of the rig and distracted driving are common reasons for these types of accidents.
  • Third-Party Driver Negligence – Trucks often fall from bridges trying to avoid reckless drivers or debris in the roadway.

Hire Carabin Shaw 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

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