Apartment Complex Faces Being Shut Down By City After Stairway Collapse Injures Resident

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Apartment grounds that are not up to code can cause serious injuries.


Northwest Side Apartment Stairway Collapse Injures 25-Year-Old Resident

According to a San Antonio Express-News report, a man was injured at his apartment complex when he fell through a defective stairway landing on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

City code officials reported that Aristo at Medical has at least 6 stairwells that are not safe for the residents to use. If the apartment complex does not fix the most important of 40 violations within one week, the residents will be forced to find a new home. The resident who was injured strained his back and suffered serious bruising after the accident and was treated at a nearby hospital for his injuries.

Did You Know?

34% of households in the United States in 2022 were renters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Negligent Apartment Complexes in San Antonio

Many of San Antonio’s residents call apartment complexes home. There are many benefits to renting an apartment — but things can quickly become a nightmare when apartment complex owners are negligent. This article will answer frequently asked questions about apartment complex law in San Antonio.

Can I Sue for an Injury at an Apartment Complex?

You may be able to file for damages against an apartment complex for your injury if you live there or are a guest of someone who does. An apartment is not responsible for every injury on its property but is responsible for keeping its grounds safe and up to code.

Some examples of when an apartment complex may be responsible for damages include:

  • Injuries on defective grounds: If a stairway is not up to code or if railings are too far apart, and a child becomes stuck or falls, an apartment complex could be held responsible under premises liability law.
  • Injuries from a Known Dangerous Animal: If an animal has been aggressive in the past and the owners know about it, they are responsible for removing the animal and protecting other residents. Failure to do this could make them responsible for damages.
  • Drowning Accidents: If relevant regulations are not followed, and a child drowns, the apartment could be held responsible.

Can I Sue for Negligent Security at an Apartment Complex?

Yes, if you can prove:

  • Foreseeability — If there are heavy crime rates in the area, and the owner knows about it.
  • Reasonableness — If protecting tenants from crime in the area means putting the landlord out of business, it would be seen as unreasonable. However, if adding simple measures like improved lighting or fixing locks could reduce risk to tenants, that would most likely be considered reasonable.

Does my Landlord Have to Repair my Apartment?

Texas law states that repairs must be made in a reasonable time frame if the problem “materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant” and the landlord was given notice.

This usually involves repairs like infestations, lack of hot water, lack of air conditioning, or faulty wiring. The tenant must be current on their rent for this to apply. Also, the problem must be the result of normal wear and tear — if the tenant caused the problem, this does not apply.

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