Defective Vehicle Accident West Side


A man tragically lost his life early on Friday morning. He was on the city’s far West Side when this single-vehicle accident occurred. According to initial reports, the fatal incident occurred at roughly 1:30 a.m. in the 1200 block of SW Loop 410 on the access road headed southbound, nearby Loop 410 and Marbach Road. After driving over a puddle on the street, the driver lost control, and the 2004 Mustang crashed into a utility pole, a fire hydrant, a tree, and a drainage culverts metal railing. The Mustang flew over the metal railing and landed on its roof. The driver, unfortunately, did not come out unscathed from this accident. He received fatal injuries, and officials declared him dead at the scene. Reports say a passenger in the Mustang suffered minor injuries. 

In accidents such as this one, the manufacturer of the car may be held liable. The reason is that in the car’s production process, the parts used can sometimes be dangerously poor in quality. At Carabin Shaw, we’ve seen time and time again defective product lawsuits overlooked in an auto accident due to ignorance of knowing how to determine a potential claim or potential defect in the product. It’s often the case that unless an experienced injury attorney, qualified investigators, and product experts are involved early on in the process after a car accident, those claims go unnoticed. Instead, driver error is commonly determined to be the cause of the incident. Product liability claims are, in some cases, never even investigated. In our experience, a highway collision involving death or severe injury needs investigating and reviewing as a potential crashworthiness claim or product defect claim. 

There are a vast number of product liability cases involving automobiles. In instances where the possibility of a product defect in an accident could be, an investigation into the matter should go underway. Here are some instances: 

  • The car rolls over, or the tire separates from the vehicle.
  • A vehicle bursts into flames, or the car was involved in a fuel-fed fire.
  • If the seatbelt fails to restrain an occupant in the back or front seat of the vehicle, or the seat itself fails. 
  • If an airbag deploys inappropriately or doesn’t deploy at all. 
  • If the roof of the automobile compresses into the passenger compartment.
  • If the overall design or structure of the vehicle has issues. 
  • If the car collapses or doesn’t protect the occupants in the accident, causing more injuries. 


If you, a family member, or someone dear to you sustained injuries or has suffered from a product defect accident, contact a lawyer at Carabin Shaw. We specialize in these cases and will review your legal options. Compensation due to the accident may be something to which you are entitled. Our attorneys at Carabin Shaw help clients get the care and attention they deserve after a severe auto accident. We represent individuals and families who have suffered severe injuries throughout the state of Texas. Contact us at (800) 862-1260 if you or someone dear to you has sustained injuries in an automobile accident.

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