Man and Woman Severely Injured in South Laredo Accident


(June 24, 2022) A devastating accident occurred Wednesday evening in south Laredo. This accident happened near the intersection of Jamie Zapata Highway and Los Presidentes. Both automobile drivers explained to the officers that they saw a green light before driving off and then collided with the light post, according to the Laredo Police Department. 

According to reports, emergency responders found two 19-year-old victims riding in the same vehicle. It was a multiple-car crash that tragically left a man and a woman in critical condition. When the emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they had to call a rescue team to assist in unpinning a woman from the automobile. She needed serious medical attention and was hastily brought to LMC in critical condition. The man was taken to the same hospital in serious condition. However, due to his extensive injuries, Laredo police state he was later flown to a San Antonio hospital to receive medical attention. 

In devastating accidents such as this one, there are numerous situations in which you can sustain injuries ranging in severity. Because every auto accident is different, there are many types of factors that can lead to injuries suffered. For example, the speed at which the vehicle was moving, what caused the collision, and how critical the impact was are some of the many factors involved in auto accidents. 

Many different types of injuries can be sustained in an automobile accident. For example, you can suffer from injuries to your brain and head, your face, your neck and back, and even psychological injuries. An impact caused by an auto accident can apply strenuous forces to a person’s body, which may cause spinal cord injuries and other conditions to the neck and back. A neck injury can range in severity, such as whiplash, to a more serious injury, such as a ruptured or torn disc. There is also a wide range of severity when it comes to injuries to the back. It can range from sprains and strains that result from damage to ligaments and muscles to hernias and fractures that occur because of damage to the discs and bones. There is a chance that these types of injuries won’t show symptoms immediately. This can often lead to the injuries being overlooked following an accident.

You will find that anyone who has been in a car wreck will tell you that it is not pleasant. Many lingering effects can occur after an accident due to injuries, financial strain, and having to appear in court and speak to the police. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the whole process. There are times when essential facts slip through the cracks and precautions are not taken to protect their rights and interests. Therefore, even if an accident does not seem severe, it is vital to get a medical checkup as soon as possible following one.


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