Nestle Toll House Recalls Cookie Dough for Potential Contaminants


Contaminated products can have serious repercussions for consumers.


Cookie Dough Pulled from Shelves Due to Potential Wood Fragments

According to a CNN News report, Nestle Toll House has recalled cookie dough products from shelves after wood fragment concern.

The recall affects the following products:

  • 311457531K – Expiration Date 8/22/23
  • 311557534K – Expiration Date 10/23/23

The company urges customers not to consume the product but to return it to the store for a full refund out of an abundance of caution. There were no injuries or illnesses reported as a result of the “wood fragments” discovered and reported by a small number of consumers. The company is confident that no other products were affected and are safe to consume.

Did You Know?

The most widely accepted “worst product recall” in the United States was the Extra-Strength Tylenol recall in 1982, killing 7 people and costing the company roughly $100,000,000.

Product Recalls in Texas – Frequently Asked Questions

You probably hear about product recalls all the time on the news or social media. Products are recalled in Texas when they pose an unreasonable risk of injury to a consumer. This is true whether or not the product has injured or made someone sick. This article will answer commonly asked questions about product recalls in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Product Recall If It Made Me Sick or Injured Me?

The short answer is yes, you should hire an attorney for a defective product injury or illness. Any kind of product sold to consumers in the United States is subject to recall if they pose a danger, such as baby products, car parts, food items, and more. Hiring a product liability attorney to help you file an injury claim against a company will greatly increase your chances of settlement, especially if the company properly recalled the product.

Can I Still Sue If the Company Recalls the Product?

Yes, you can. However, a product recall presents a solid defense to companies. For example, if the company engages in a significant and thorough recall for the product that injured you, they will try to prove that you had sufficient notice to stop using the product before you were hurt. It depends on the specific circumstances of the case, but a personal injury attorney may argue that the fact that the product was recalled is evidence that the product was inherently dangerous. This would be best supported by expert witness testimony, which a law firm would have access to and thorough documentation of your injuries.

Should I Go to the Hospital If A Defective Product Injured Me or Made Me Sick?

The amount of damages you would receive if you won a product liability case is directly related to how much you lost because of the defective product. The best way to prove how much a product harmed you, whether illness or physical injury, is from medical records from a hospital detailing your injury and treatment plan. A doctor will also be able to speak to how your injuries will affect your future, which is calculated in personal injury damages.

Hire Carabin Shaw Product Liability Attorneys

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