Thirteen-year-old Dies in Live-Streamed Auto Accident in Abilene


Children in rural areas commonly learn to drive young

(August 1, 2022) On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, a thirteen-year-old boy stole a car and live-streamed the event before crashing into a pole and killing his passenger, according to On Your Side News.

Officials reported that the oldest person in the vehicle was fifteen, and there was a thirteen-year-old driver and passenger, as well as one fourteen-year-old, for a total of four children. Authorities were alerted by concerned parents that their child was driving a stolen vehicle toward the Dallas area while live-streaming on social media. The stolen vehicle was spotted leaving the scene of a convenience store robbery before being found in a hotel parking lot at around 4 a.m. Police reported that the boy hit the patrol vehicle before speeding off into a light post, ejecting his thirteen-year-old passenger and critically injuring himself and the other passengers. The children were transported to the hospital, where the ejected passenger died from his injuries. It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

Did you know?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported forty-seven fatal crashes and over one thousand injuries involving drivers thirteen or younger in the year 2020


Child Motor Laws in Texas


Was it legal for the thirteen-year-old boy to be driving the vehicle in Texas?

No, it was not legal. It is not unusual for children in the rural areas of Texas to learn how to operate a vehicle at a very young age. Obviously, it is illegal for a thirteen-year-old to drive a car on a public road. Texas requires children to be fourteen before applying for a learner’s permit and begin driving under the supervision of a parent or guardian. However, there is no legal age limit for operating vehicles on private property unless part of the property is open to the public (i.e., parking lots), in which case licensing laws may be enforced.

How many underage passengers can a driver under eighteen have?

It is illegal for a driver younger than eighteen years old to have more than one passenger under the age of twenty-one who is not a family member. Additionally, drivers under eighteen are restricted from driving between midnight and 5 a.m., with a few exceptions. For more information on laws regarding underage drivers, please visit the Texas DPS website.


Child Injury


Injuries to children are one of the most devastating things that can happen to a parent. You do everything in your power to protect your children when you’re a parent. Children can be injured in auto accidents like in the above case, from medical malpractice or defective products, or even at a daycare or on a school playground. If your child has been injured, it is important that you contact an experienced team of child injury attorneys to ensure you hold all of the legally accountable parties involved.

Has your child been injured or killed in an accident in San Antonio?

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