Two Severely Injured in Rollover Accident


An accident that led to injuries sustained by two individuals occurred early on a Monday morning on the city’s Southeast Side. The crash happened at roughly 1 a.m. on SE Military Drive near South W.W. White Road. Initially reported, the female driver and one passenger were heading down SE Military when the driver couldn’t control the car, and it rolled over numerous times off the road.

The police stated the driver was able to escape the car. However, the passenger, unfortunately, had to be extracted by firefighters. They were both hastily transported to Brooke Army Medical Center. While the driver is listed as stable, the passenger is unfortunately in a more severe condition.

The injuries and damages sustained can be extremely severe when rollover accidents occur. Not only are you in danger of sustaining injuries, but other vehicles on the road are as well. There are many different types of injuries you could suffer in these types of accidents. Some of these include Head trauma, Brain damage, Soft-tissue injuries like whiplash, Concussions, Spinal cord injury, Paraplegia / Quadriplegia, Amputations, Burns, and Scars from glass or flying debris.

It can be challenging to determine who is to blame when a rollover accident occurs. However, the experienced rollover accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the resources necessary to hire professionals who can gather the evidence required to build your case and determine who is to blame for the crash. In addition, our team of lawyers will ensure that the parties responsible are held accountable, and your rights are protected.

The law firm of Carabin Shaw can investigate whether you have a claim against your automobile manufacturer if you have suffered injuries or tragically lost a loved one in a rollover accident. Your car might have been designed with a flaw that may be found to have caused your accident. We are dedicated to helping your case by finding the truth. Our accident lawyers are committed to ensuring that the negligent manufacturers are made accountable.

If you or someone dear to you have suffered injuries or been wrongfully killed due to a rollover accident in San Antonio, contact our rollover lawyers immediately. During a time when you are already grieving a loved one’s loss or suffering from an injury, our attorneys understand how difficult and confusing the legal process can be. Our goal is to make the legal process easy for you and provide you with any assistance you need. In all cases we handle, The Law Office of Carabin Shaw places great emphasis on integrity and personal service. So that you are kept informed every step of the way, we take the time to explain the legal process in detail to you. For you to receive the total compensation you deserve, we diligently work night and day. We represent individuals and families who have suffered severe injuries and catastrophic wrongful deaths throughout Texas. Please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys at 800-862-1260, day or night.

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