2 Minors Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash in South Bexar County


Make sure your kids buckle up every ride to ensure their safety in an auto accident.


2 Minors, 1 Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Accident

According to a KSAT News report, a two-vehicle accident late last night injured two minors and entrapped a driver in South Bexar County.

Police reported the incident occurred on State Highway 16 late last night near Jett Road. A silver truck reportedly crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting a black vehicle head-on. The driver of the truck ran away on foot, and the driver of the black vehicle had to be extracted by firefighters. His condition was not reported, but police suspect he was intoxicated. Two minors in the back of the black vehicle were taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

Did You Know?

Head-on collisions and rollover accidents are the most likely types of accidents to result in passenger ejection.

What to Do if Your Child is Hit by a Car in San Antonio

One of the worst things that can happen to a parent is seeing a careless driver injure their child. Children often pay the price when drivers are careless and speed through neighborhoods or school zones.

Fortunately, Texas law demands that parents be compensated if a negligent driver injures their child. Let’s take a look at what to do if your child is hurt in an auto accident.

Immediately After the Accident:

What you do immediately after your child’s injury is crucial for their recovery and building a solid legal case against the negligent driver.

  1. Assess for Injuries — Children are especially susceptible to TBI, spinal cord injury, and broken bones in pedestrian accidents. If you suspect your child is seriously injured, do not try to move them. This may make a bad injury more serious.
  2. Call 9-1-1 — You or a bystander should call for EMS and police ASAP. Even if your child is not seriously injured, they should be checked out by a medical professional. Also, it is a legal requirement to call the police if someone is hurt in an accident in Texas, and a police report is crucial evidence for a child injury claim.
  3. Collect Information — You or someone you trust should take photos of the accident scene, as well as gather the insurance and contact information of the driver.
  4. Document Injury Information — Document your child’s treatment and photos of your child’s injuries, and keep track of what the doctors say. Keep detailed records of receipts and paperwork detailing at-home treatment.
  5. Call Carabin Shaw Child Injury Attorneys 

Do I Need an Attorney for My Child’s Injury?

If your child is hit as a pedestrian, they will likely be seriously injured. Any accident involving a serious injury is likely to be disputed by the insurance company. They will try to pin the blame for the accident on your child or suggest that the injuries are not as severe as you claim. Either way, you need an experienced attorney to fight for justice for your child.

Was Your Child Hit by a Car in San Antonio? Call Carabin Shaw.

Child pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries. If your child was hit by a negligent driver in San Antonio, we can help.

Carabin Shaw has been serving injured children in San Antonio for 30 years, and we care. Contact the team that puts their clients first at 800-862-1260 for immediate, free help. Let us handle your case so you can focus on your child’s recovery. We look forward to serving you.

Contacting a Carabin Shaw attorney is free and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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