Dash Cam Captures San Antonio Auto Accident on I-37

Dash Cam view from inside car

Should you get a dash cam for your car in San Antonio?


Tesla Dash Cam Captures Serious Rollover Accident on I-37

According to a My San Antonio News report, a Tesla dashcam caught a serious rollover accident on I-37 in San Antonio this week.

The driver was headed down I-35 towards downtown when his dash cam caught an unexpected accident. A driver of a white van suddenly swerved across two lanes at the 142B Exit before losing control and hitting the guardrail. The vehicle bounced off of the guardrail and rolled back onto the highway. MySA reached out for a police report on the incident to see if any injuries were reported.

Did You Know?

An estimated 4% of drivers in the United States had a dash cam installed in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dash Cams in San Antonio

Dash cams are increasingly growing in popularity in the United States. This blog will answer frequently asked questions about dash cams and whether or not you should have one in 2023.

Are Dash Cams Legal in San Antonio?

Yes, a dash cam is legal in San Antonio, as long as it doesn’t block your view while you’re driving. Any dash cam that obstructs your view could lead to serious fines, but there is no rule against having one.

Can Dash Cam Footage be Used as Evidence in a Personal Injury Case?

Yes, dash cam footage can be submitted as evidence in a personal injury case, as long as:

  • It was within the camera’s view
  • It is of sufficient quality
  • It supports the accuracy of your statement

Can Dash Cam Footage Help My Case?

Especially in cases when a driver flees the scene of your accident, it could help locate the driver and bring them to justice better than simply relying on your memory. It also eliminates the need to assess the credibility of a witness in a “he-said-she-said” scenario when another driver refuses to admit fault for the accident.

It is also recommended that you leave your camera recording while you talk to witnesses and until you leave the scene of the accident. Remember, you can’t publicly share video footage without the consent of the people you recorded.

Can Dash Cam Footage Hurt My Case?

Dash cams are amazing, but it’s a double-edged sword. Dash cams will also capture if you were distracted by loud music, crying kids, or if you were speeding without realizing it. All of those things can make you partially at fault for an accident, and that will reduce your claim in San Antonio.

As a general rule, don’t share your footage with insurance companies or any other party until you’ve talked to a lawyer. It can be subpoenaed by the opposing party in a lawsuit if they find out that the footage exists, so talk to an attorney before sharing the footage with anyone.

Should I Get a Dash Cam in 2023?

Compelling evidence is a critical part of your personal claim, so having a dashcam can be helpful. Remember that it can be used against you, and drive accordingly, and installing a dash cam can protect you from taking the blame for an accident you didn’t cause.

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