Motorcyclist In Critical Condition After Late-Night Accident


Motorcycle accidents commonly occur at night when they can be difficult for a driver to see.


Motorcycle Hits Vehicle, Leaves Cyclist in Critical Condition

According to a KSAT News report, a driver was arrested, and a motorcyclist was hospitalized following an accident on August 9, 2023.

Police reported the accident happened at around 10:15 p.m. on the 1400 block of Culebra near North Zamora Street. A motorcyclist was driving at a high rate of speed with no lights when it collided with a vehicle pulling out of a gas station. The driver of the vehicle called and reported the incident and then fled the scene on foot. He later returned with his family and was arrested for failure to stop and render aid. The motorcyclist was hospitalized in critical condition.

Did You Know?

Less than 1 in 10 motorcyclists involved in accidents have insurance.

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

Motorcycle riders account for 14% of all traffic fatalities in the United States, though there are far fewer motorcycles on the road than other vehicles. While 75% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, drivers are not always entirely at fault for a motorcycle accident in Texas.

Reckless Behavior and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists usually sustain the most severe injuries when in an accident with another vehicle, but this is not always the fault of another driver. For example, a motorcyclist who exhibits reckless driving behaviors is not uncommon, such as:

  • Lane Splitting – Driving between two lanes of traffic or weaving in and out of two lanes
  • Improper Turns – Properly navigating a sharp turn on a motorcycle can be tricky, especially in poor weather conditions. Cyclists can lose control and crash their motorcycles this way.
  • Speeding – Speeding was a factor in 33% of all motorcycle fatalities in 2019. Supersport bikes that are incredibly popular for riders under 30 can reach speeds of up to 180 mph. They are also 4 times as likely to cause a fatal accident than other motorcycles.
  • Lack of Proper Training – 92% of riders learned to ride from a family member or taught themselves. This lack of proper training can leave them unprepared for tricky road situations.
  • Inclement Weather – Nearly 33% of accidents occur in inclement weather. This is due in part to lower visibility and bikes that are not properly equipped for those conditions.
  • Drunk Driving – 42% of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents involved an impaired motorcyclist.

Reckless behaviors like this from the motorcyclist or another driver will determine liability for a motorcycle accident in Texas under the comparative fault rule.

Comparative Fault in Texas – How It Works

Texas determines fault by a percentage amount, and anyone who is 50% or more responsible for an accident is liable to pay damages. But what happens when both the motorcyclists and another motorist are at fault in an accident?


A motorcyclist is speeding at night with no headlights, as in the above example. A driver does not see him and pulls out in front of the motorcycle, causing a collision. A jury decided the motorcycle was 80% at fault for reckless behavior, and the other driver was 20% at fault. The other driver was going to collect $10,000, but since he was found to be 20% at fault, he now collects only $8,000.

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