Potential Tire Issue Leads to Fatal Single-Vehicle Accident

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Defective tires can cause life-threatening accidents.


Woman Killed After Losing Control of Her Vehicle in Suspected Defective Tire Accident

According to a KSAT News report, a woman was found dead last Sunday after a single-vehicle rollover crash on the South Side.

Police reported the crash happened at 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Del Lago Parkway and Vermilion on San Antonio’s South Side. Police say that no other vehicles were involved in the crash. The woman reportedly flipped multiple times, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators say that tire trouble likely contributed to this accident. She had a passenger in the vehicle at the time, but they were not injured.

Did You Know?

Defective tires contribute to 35% of accidents caused by vehicle failure (instead of negligence).

How Defective Tires Can Cause Serious Accidents in San Antonio

How often do you think about your tires? Probably not so often. Why? Because you bought good tires from a trusted company, and you have no reason to believe anything would be wrong with them. Nine times out of 10, you’re right.

But it only takes one accident to change your life forever. Tire defects are more common than you think, and if they cause an accident, it could seriously hurt you or the other drivers sharing the road with you.

Main Types of Tire Defects

There are many ways a tire could be defective, but the most common include:

  • Defective Materials — A tire is more prone to blowouts if cheap or incorrect materials are used.
  • Defective Design — Design flaws can lead to tires deteriorating faster than they normally would.
  • Tread Separation — If a manufacturer does not properly bond the tread and belting to the casing, it can cause balance issues.
  • Weak or Old Rubber — A dealer can sell you a “brand new” tire that has been sitting on the shelf too long. Rubber has an expiration date, and old rubber can be weaker and more prone to blowouts.

How Can You Tell if a Tire is Defective?

You’ve probably been taught to use a penny to check the tread of your tire, but there are other signs you can look for in your tire as well, like:

  • Bulging or blisters, indicating a weak spot that requires replacement.
  • Cracks or cuts in the sidewall.
  • Vibration while driving, which could indicate internal damage or misalignment.
  • Worn out tread or uneven tread wear.

Who is Responsible for a Defective Tire Accident?

In Texas, there are multiple parties who could be to blame for a defective tire accident. Drivers are expected to maintain their tires regularly, but data suggests only 20% of drivers do this.

  1. Trucking Companies — If a trucking company doesn’t maintain their tires and it leads to an accident, they can be held responsible.
  2. The Manufacturer/Designer — If a tire is manufactured with a defect or has poor design, the manufacturer or designer could be held responsible.
  3. An Auto Service Shop — If you take your vehicle to a repair shop and they miss the defect, or if they sell you a defective tire, they can be held responsible.

Injured in a Defective Tire Accident?

If a defective tire caused your injury, you have legal options.

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