Woman Suffers Multiple Burns in Car Explosion on the Northwest Side

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Burns are some of the most painful and debilitating injuries a person can experience.


Car Explodes in Garage, Destroying Home and Burning Woman on the Northwest Side

According to a KSAT News report, a vehicle struck a water heater in a garage, causing an explosion that burned down the home and severely injured a woman yesterday evening.

Police reported the incident occurred just before 7 p.m. on November 28th at a home on 10 Ferris Creek. A man apparently drove too quickly into his garage, striking his water heater. This caused the vehicle to explode, setting the house on fire. The man was rescued from his vehicle with no injuries by a neighbor, but his wife was inside the home at the time. She was transported to the hospital with burns to the face, hands, and torso. The house was completely destroyed, and the woman’s condition is unknown at this time.

Did You Know?

Recovery from a burn is affected by burn type, severity, and location and could take years.

Psychological Recovery After Burn Injuries in San Antonio

Hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized due to severe burns across the United States. Burn injuries are one of the most painful kind of injury a person can experience and often has long-lasting (and occasionally permanent) effects on the victim.

An aspect of recovery from a burn injury that is not talked about as much is psychological recovery. The body and mind are so affected by burn injuries that doctors often wait to perform surgeries on burn victims for at least 72 hours — other wounds are usually treated within 6 hours — to allow the person to recover slightly from the trauma.

Emotional Impact

Severe burns don’t just leave scars on the skin, especially when small children are involved. Burn victims often report feelings of extreme anxiety, depression, and acute stress disorder.

This trauma is heightened when burns require amputation or result in permanent scarring. A person must then adjust to an entirely new way of life, potentially losing their jobs or ability to participate in previously enjoyed hobbies.

Children often report social anxiety and insecurities about scarring from burns, regardless of the size or location of the burn. This either leads to withdrawal or aggressive behaviors that cause them to struggle in school.

Lifestyle Impact

In addition to the reactive emotional impact, a person’s lifestyle can change significantly after a burn injury. Aside from the obvious addition of regular doctor visits, burn patients are often advised to limit the burned area’s exposure to sunlight. This can limit the victim’s ability to leave the home or change the type and style of the clothing they have to wear.

This drastic lifestyle change, in addition to the trauma of the event, can make recovery even more difficult. The impact is increased with very young children.

Financial Recovery

When a person is severely burned, it is often because someone acted negligently toward them, whether in an auto accident, at work, or daycare. If you or your child were severely burned, you may be entitled to compensation.

To maximize your physical and emotional recovery, you go to the best doctors available to you — personal injury claims are just as important. Hiring an attorney gets you 3.5x as much as representing yourself, on average. Fortunately, the burn injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the experience and resources to help.

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