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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Victoria, Texas

If you have been injured in an 18 wheeler accident near Victoria, Texas, you are likely facing a bevy of expenses for which you were unprepared. An automobile accident often results in vehicle repair bills, as well as possible medical bills and, if you rely on your car for transportation to work, lost wages. Fortunately, Carabin Shaw is here to help. Our legal team specializes in commercial vehicle-involved accidents and can help you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to talk to a Victoria 18 wheeler accident attorney and begin your financial recovery process.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents have many causes. Some are unavoidable, but many come down to negligence on the part of the commercial driver. If you believe that negligent or reckless driving played a role in your accident, contact a Victoria truck injury lawyer today.

Drowsy Driving

Fatigued driving, or drowsy driving, is estimated to be the most common cause of highway accidents in the country. Commercial drivers often have to drive long distances over several days and can be prone to fatigue or “highway hypnosis” because of the repetitive nature of the work. Many police consider drowsy driving a form of impaired driving. Many studies suggest it’s at least as dangerous as drunk driving and possibly even worse.

Driver Distraction

Distraction is one of the most common causes of highway accidents. Distraction can come from inside or outside of the vehicle. Texting and driving is the most well-known form of distracted driving, but there are also other issues. Looking out of a side window rather than the windshield reduces visibility and increases the possibility of swerving, which is far more dangerous in a vehicle in an 18 wheeler. Operating a radio or looking for something in the car is also inattentive. If you believe a distracted driver hit you, contact a Victoria 18 wheeler accident attorney today.

Unsafe Following Distance

Passenger vehicle drivers are told to leave at least a three-second space in between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. For 18 wheelers, that distance should be double. Their increased mass means that it takes them significantly longer to come to a complete stop. If a commercial vehicle rear-ended you, it is unlikely that the driver was following at a safe distance. A Victoria truck injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for a rear-end accident.

Who Should I Sue?

Truckers typically drive for a company rather than themselves. If they are employees of that company, the company is likely liable for any accidents that the driver causes through negligence. If the driver is an independent contractor, as many are, then the question of liability is more complicated. The only scenario in which you can assume no liability of the trucking company is if the driver is operating the vehicle independently. Liability can be confusing, which is why it is crucial to employ the services of an attorney rather than pursuing compensation yourself.

How Do I Find a Victoria, Texas Big Rig Accident Attorney?

When looking for a lawyer to handle your case, consider that they may be facing down corporate attorneys retained by the trucking company. In this case, you will want a lawyer with extensive experience facing such opposition, as well as a record of dedication to their clients.

Carabin Shaw’s legal team can provide you with that experience and that dedication. We have decades of combined experience with truck accident lawsuits. We also have a record of winning our clients what they deserve. The results speak for themselves.

To discuss your case with a Victoria 18 wheeler accident attorney, contact us at 361-358-6300. You can also reach us toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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