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Credit Card Defense

Are You Being Sued or Threaten by Your Credit Card Company?

Did you know that the average person has over $8,000 of credit card debt and 28% of those debtors say that paying off their credit card has become more difficult?

Unfortunately, the number of individuals having difficulty is likely to rise as more and more Americans find themselves unemployed or struggling in these difficult financial times. To add to this pressure more and more banks are cutting credit limits and/or increasing interest rates. All of these factors are putting more people being confronted with debt problems and being harassed by debt collection agencies. In fact, financial experts report that the debt collection industry will grow 23% over the next 7 years.

If you are being harassed by a credit card company, and don't want to file for bankruptcy, call Attorney Gary Gibson of the Carabin Shaw. Call us toll free at 800-862-1260.

When debt collectors file a lawsuit - call 800-862-1260. In San Antonio call 210-222-2288.

Debt collectors usually win these types of lawsuits - because the defendant (you) fail to respond and file the correct response to the lawsuit, resulting in a default judgment in the credit card company’s favor.

Don’t let the Credit Card Companies win, fight back with an experienced attorney. When you hire Attorney Gary Gibson to represent you in a debt collection matter, he will do everything in his power to minimize the amount you owe –and in some cases, may be able to get the entire debt erased.

Call us and put us on you side now - we can:

  • File an answer to the lawsuit with a legitimate affirmative defense explaining why you have not paid the debt.
  • We will make the debt collector prove what you owe.
  • Many collection agencies rarely have access to all of the signed receipts detailing the amount you owe. When they can't procure the receipts we can make the laws work for you.
  • We will make the debt collectors prove there case and if they cant - you win.
  • Make the Credit Company prove their case and prove the paper trail connecting your original debt. The Law requires that the collector prove that the collector has the right to sue you and prove each element of the debt at issue. If they can't - you win. They must prove that the debt is still standing and not outside the statute of limitations, which is only 4 years in Texas.

Attorney Gary Gibson is affordable and we may be able to reduce the debt, if not completely erase. If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you - call 800-862-1260. In San Antonio call 210-222-2288.

Client Reviews
- Mari, a satisfied client. "The Carabin Shaw Attorneys were very helpful with my credit card problem. They were able to resolve my issue and deal with it. I don't know what I would have done without them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"