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18 Wheeler Accidents in Beaumont TX - Who is Liable for My Injuries?

The roads of Beaumont Tx are notorious for being particularly dangerous, especially when 18 wheelers are involved. According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s statistics, Beaumont recorded over 3,000 auto accidents in 2022, and 500 of those involved commercial vehicles. These types of accidents can be particularly gruesome due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved. Injuries sustained in an 18 wheeler accident can range from broken bones to severe burns, spinal injuries, and even death. Fortunately, fighting the trucking companies on the behalf of our clients is what we do as Beaumont TX truck crash lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

A common concern after a serious 18 wheeler accident in Beaumont is who is responsible for your injuries. Establishing liability is also one of the most critical steps when seeking compensation. As with most questions relating to law, the answer is usually complex and depends on the specific circumstances. Understanding the nuances of the law and the many rules and regulations of the industry can be overwhelming to unravel without an experienced Beaumont TX 18 wheeler accident attorney.

Filing a Lawsuit and Determining Liable Parties

To file a lawsuit against someone for a personal injury, a specific cause of action must be identified as a basis for wrongdoing. While there are many potential legal theories, negligence is most commonly used in accidents involving 18-wheelers. Negligence, in the legal sense, is commonly defined as the failure to act as a reasonable person would in similar circumstances. While this definition may seem vague, the law is designed to allow for the nuances and complexities of real life to be factored into the accident.

Because of the complex legal intricacies surrounding these semi-truck crash cases, hiring an experienced Texas lawyer—who will inform victims of their best legal options moving forward—is strongly suggested.

Common At-Fault Parties Include: The Truck Driver

As the operator of a dangerous piece of machinery, the driver is tasked with operating the truck in a way that does not put others on the roadway in danger. If the driver's actions, such as speeding, distractions, or operating under the influence, were found to have contributed to the accident, they may be liable for your injuries. In 2021, it was found that over half of truck related accidents were related to reckless driving of the trucker.

The Trucking Company

Liability for the accident often extends to the trucking company that employs the driver. Failure to follow proper vehicle maintenance, safety, and training requirements or to hire qualified drivers are all factors that cause dangerous driving conditions for those sharing the road.

Third Parties That Can Be Held Responsible

Sometimes, entities seemingly not “directly” involved in the accident can be held liable as well. Cargo loaded incorrectly is a common issue that has led to numerous injuries. In those cases, the cargo loaders or even the cargo loading company can be sued. Occasionally, an 18-wheeler is affected by a manufacturer defect that goes unnoticed until it is too late. As with most traffic collisions, there can be many different parties at fault that may be hard to identify without the help of a legal professional.

How Carabin Shaw Proves Liability on Your Behalf

Establishing liability can be complicated to prove, but that's how our team of Beaumont 18 wheeler accident lawyers can help. We will immediately begin gathering evidence of police reports, driving records, expert opinions, witness testimony, or anything relevant to the case. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we understand the legal processes and all the regulations involved with an 18-wheeler accident. We offer our services on a contingency-fee basis with payment due only after you receive compensation.

If you have been injured by an 18-wheeler, Contact us Immediately Toll-Free at 800-862-1260 for a Free Initial Consultation

Proving liability is crucial to receiving the compensation and justice you are owed for your injuries. Our client reviews showcase the value of hiring an experienced attorney to take on your case and advocate on your behalf. We have both English and Spanish-speaking staff prepared to assist you 24/7.

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