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7 Things You Want to Know About Your Medical Malpractice Case in Harlingen

A visit to the hospital in Harlingen should be a trip that heals you, but when a doctor is negligent, he or she can harm you. If you or a loved one has been a victim of Harlingen medical malpractice, you need representation. A lawyer can provide the highest chance of securing compensation. Carabin Shaw has been around for more than 25 years, and our team has won over 36,000 personal injury cases. This experience should assure you that we are what you are looking for: “the best medical negligence lawyers near me.” Before filing suit, there are 7 things you want to know about your medical malpractice case in Harlingen.

What You Should Know About Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice places a high burden of proof on the plaintiff. Understanding what a medical malpractice case entails is essential to winning your case.

  1. Medical Malpractice Is a Broad Term:When people think of medical malpractice, they probably don't realize how many types of medical malpractice there are. Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, surgical errors, childbirth injuries, and anesthesia and diagnostic errors are all types of medical malpractice. Harlingen hospital negligence lawyers can further explain all the categories of medical malpractice.
  2. Not All Harm Means Malpractice: Suffering after medical treatment in Harlingen or experiencing a negative side effect does not always mean the doctor was negligent. To have a medical malpractice case, the doctor must have breached their duty of care. This requirement means your doctor must have acted negligently in comparison to how another medical professional would have treated you in similar circumstances.
  3. Visit Other Doctors:To prove a doctor breached their duty of care, you need testimony from another doctor. This doctor's expert opinion can attest to the negligence of the doctor you are suing. When you think you have experienced Harlingen medical malpractice, it's essential to get another doctor's opinion as soon as possible.
  4. Documentation is Essential:As soon as you can, get a copy of your medical records. Make sure you also document your injuries and symptoms, taking notes and photographs if possible. Show these notes to your new doctor and have your injuries examined so that they can become part of the expert testimony. All of this information will help your attorney make a strong case for you.
  5. Know the Statute of Limitations: In Texas, the statute of limitations for a medical malpractice suit is two years from the date the injury was discovered or could have reasonably been discovered. If your injury or illness came from recurring treatments, the statute of limitations window begins on the last day of treatment. Talk to a lawyer to learn more.
  6. You Must Prove You Suffered Harm:Once you prove the healthcare professional was negligent, you also have to demonstrate to the court what harm they caused to you. These will be the damages you can receive compensation for, and they include pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of future income, and more.
  7. Medical Malpractice Pays:Every year, medical malpractice cases pay an approximate total of three billion dollars. Patients whose doctor harmed them deserve this money. Not every case wins, though. If you don't want to lose, your best bet is to work with seasoned Harlingen hospital negligence lawyers.
Getting Justice

Harlingen medical malpractice is always a tragedy. The road to recovery can be long and complicated, and it's hard to accept that a healthcare professional could cause you or a loved one harm. In our experience, one of the best ways victims of medical malpractice find solace is by winning in court. Getting compensation to cover costs lifts some of their financial burdens. A medical malpractice attorney serving Harlingen can be at your side through your case.

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