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Big Truck Drivers can be Reckless

Commercial vehicles driving across Texas can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds; by comparison, a typical sedan usually only weighs 5,000. Thus, the driver of a vehicle of this magnitude is in control of hundreds of time more metal than the everyday commuter, and more often than not, they’re moving at breakneck speed. If you happen to sharing the road with a commercial truck in the event of a collision, the results can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been involved in an 18-wheeler accident in the Beaumont or the surrounding region, the expert attorneys at Carabin Shaw are willing to take your case on and fight for your right to due compensation for your injuries.

One of the aspects that sets 18-wheeler accidents apart from other auto accidents is the fact that the 18-wheeler industry is very heavily regulated, with a prioritized focus on preventing such accidents with smaller cars. As such, an experienced attorney can often find something that the driver or the driver’s employer did wrong, and employ those facts as the basis for a lawsuit against the responsible party.

If you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of inattentive, negligent, or otherwise dangerous commercial trucker and his or her vehicle in or around Beaumont, you are very likely eligible for compensation. The lawyers at Carabin Shaw want to see you receive said compensation quickly and effectively; that’s why they provide effective service that resolves the case in an expedited manner.

Cases Illustrating How big Truck Drivers Can be Reckless

Below are some examples of recent courtroom cases involving mistakes committed on the road by drivers of big rigs and commercial trucks, as well as the companies that employ these drivers, which became the bases for successful lawsuits:

  • Ten Hagen Excavating, Inc. v. Castro-Lopez: Strong evidence that the 18-wheeler drove negligently and sideswiped a cement truck into the victim.
  • Westfreight Systems, Inc. v. Heuston: Driver of the 18-wheeler exited out of the unloading site’s entrance rather than the exit, subsequently blocking all lanes on a dark highway, which was against company policy. The truck also possessed dirty and thus ineffective reflective tape, which led to reduced visibility and the victim’s collision with the 18-wheeler.
  • Minter v. Great American Insurance Co.: Driver of 18-wheeler had two past DWI’s on his record and was intoxicated when the accident occurred.
  • Simmons v. Bisland: Driver of a commercial truck loaded with limestone negligently failed to stop or slow down amidst oncoming traffic, and rear-ended the victim and knocked his car several hundred feet down the road.

It is no secret that big truck drivers can be reckless; all too often, they neglect proper safety protocol. This can lead to any of a number of mishaps and accidents. Other instances of mistakes committed by truck drivers featured less prominently in recently published cases are:

  • Use of cell phone by 18-wheeler driver at time of crash.
  • Failure to place reflective cones in front of stalled 18-wheeler.
  • Commercial trucking company’s retention of driver with long record of unsafe or substance-influenced driving.
  • Commercial trucking company’s inability to properly research new hires, be it criminal record, driving record, or otherwise.
  • Use of a poorly maintained truck, particularly in regards to failing brakes.
  • Falsification of driver logs, which serve to cap driving hours. This can lead to an exhausted truck driver sharing the road with other motorists; in some cases, fatigue due to the stress of impending deadlines is worse for depth perception and proper vehicle operation than even drunk driving.
  • Failure to adhere to weight limits, which can result in overloaded and difficult to control commercial trucks on the road traveling at high speeds.
  • Failure of truck driver to maintain a commercial driver’s license.

The plain truth of the matter is big truck drivers can be reckless. Beaumont 18-wheeler accidents can happen to anyone who shares the road with commercial truckers.

The law offices of Carabin Shaw have over 25 years of experience successfully handling personal injury claims pertaining to commercial truck driver negligence. Our Beaumont big truck accident lawyers handle all types of cases across Texas and know the state and federal trucking regulations well. We regularly deal with trucking companies and their insurers, and we are more than prepared to take them to trial if they are not willing to pay the just compensation for which they are responsible. You deserve to know your options; don’t hesitate, contact an attorney at Carabin Shaw today for a free consultation on your case.

If you have suffered injuries from a collision with an 18-wheeler in the Beaumont, Texas region, contact the lawyers at Carabin Shaw call us at 409.842.3890, day or night, or toll free at 800-862-1260 for a free consultation. You have options, and you deserve to know them. Call Carabin Shaw today.

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