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Brownsville Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Brownsville

Data shows that every day one or more motorcyclists die on Texas roads, for 2021 the State of Texas counted 521 fatalities. Deep south Texas bikers unfortunately shared in that sad statistic.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), for each vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists were 35 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle crash and eight times more likely to be injured.

Motorcycle Drivers and Passengers, Know Your Rights

There is often a lot of confusion about motorcycle crashes, insurance coverage, the liability of the driver, and the liability of a car or truck driver who may have negligently caused the motorcycle accident. Protect your rights. If you were the driver or a passenger on a motorcycle and you were injured in an accident, talk to our motorcycle accident lawyer, who has a lot of experience with these cases

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When a driver or passenger on a motorcycle is injured, the injuries are serious in nearly every case. Motorcycle passenger injuries include road rash, head trauma (including brain injury), back/spine injuries like spinal cord injuries, and multiple fractures. In many motorcycle accidents, the injuries are fatal.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers' Experience Can Help You.

The Carabin Shaw law firm has plenty of experience in personal injury claims; our clients can rest assured that we have all the resources and experience needed to fight the big insurance companies. Our personal injury lawyers' backgrounds include Board Certification in Personal Injury. Having fought and won so many injury cases gives us an in-depth understanding of the insurance company's goals so that we can seek a settlement that meets the injured person's needs.

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If you or a loved one suffered injuries as the driver or passenger in a motorcycle accident, contact our Brownsville motorcycle accident attorneys who can help you understand your rights and who can file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney On Personal Injuries Caused by Texas Motorcycle Wrecks

You can hear motorcycles approaching from a block away. And just as drivers pull over so emergency vehicles can pass, some people move out of the way when they see motorcycles coming toward them in their rearview mirrors.

Riders of motorbikes have swag, that certain charisma that drivers of regular passenger vehicles don't exhibit. Sometimes that 'bad boy' perception of motorcyclists is warranted, and sometimes, it's not. But if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys can help you shed that 'bad boy image so you can get the best compensation you deserve in a personal injury settlement.

Suppose you ride a motorcycle instead of driving a car. In that case, it's akin to riding a skateboard instead of walking: You will get to your destination either way you decide to travel, but one way is faster and more exciting. Motorcycles have a more petite frame than regular passenger vehicles, allowing the operator to move from lane to lane quickly. Most regular passenger vehicles don't have the steering dexterity of motorcycles. And they cost less to maintain than the average vehicle. That's why nearly a half million (500,000) motorcycles are registered in the state of Texas.

It didn't take long for some car manufacturers to recognize the opportunity to gain another niche segment of the population by selling motorcycles. Harley Davidson built its historic reputation on motorcycles, while other companies such as Honda and Kawasaki got into the motorcycle game much later. And just like with cars, people choose their type of motorcycle based on their personality. Operators of cruising choppers usually are over 40 years old, sporty motorcycles usually are ridden by people between their 30s and 40s, while riders of crotch rocket style motorbikes are in their teens through late 20s. As diverse as the motorbikes and the drivers who ride them are, the glaring similarity is the likelihood of them being involved in a traffic accident.

If you or someone you know has been wounded in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys are standing by to guide you through your legal options. The Carabin Shaw law firm has been trying personal injury lawsuits for more than thirty (30) years. So put our experience and skill to work for you by calling for a free legal consultation today.

Motorcycle Accident Versus Car Wrecks

Motorcycle drivers can be good at swerving in and out of traffic, but that doesn't mean they will be able to avoid the dangers of a busy street or interstate, especially during rush hour. That's because when a motorcycle driver is involved in a wreck - ninety (90%) percent of the time, it's with a car or truck - the other driver claims he didn't see the motorcycle before the wreck. Most drivers of trucks and cars rarely focus on driving, the main thing they should focus on. Instead, they're punching buttons on the sound system, they're texting or talking on a cellular phone, or they're paying more attention to what's going on in the back seat than what's going on around them on the road. If the driver is not distracted but really is paying attention to what's happening around him, he is probably looking out for other four-wheel vehicles instead of a two-wheel motorbike. So motorcycle drivers make sure they see the other driver, and they have to make sure the other driver sees them before they make any sudden moves.

Here are some statistics from the 2021 Data by the Texas Department of Transportation about motorcycle accidents:

  • Most motorbike operators involved in wrecks are between 19 and 50 years old.
  • Ten (10%) percent of the motorbike operators involved in wrecks don't have insurance to cover their injuries.
  • Forty (40%) percent of the motorbike operators who crashed were not wearing helmets because they said helmets are uncomfortable and inconvenient, and they didn't think they would crash.
  • Riders who wear helmets are four times more likely to escape serious injuries and death than the ones who don't wear helmets.
  • The most deadly injuries to motorcycle riders are those to the head and chest.
  • Seventy-three (73%) percent of motorbike riders wore no eye protection when they crashed, lending to the speculation that the sun, wind or other debris contributed to the wreck.
  • The faster the motorcycle's speed, the more likely there will be a crash.
Did You Know?

Our Brownsville motorcycle accident attorneys have won thousands of cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

Quite a few of all motorbike operators were legally drunk when they crashed.

More than half (50%) of the bike riders who crash have five months or less experience riding a motorcycle.

Sixty-two (62%) percent of the motorcycles involved in wrecks had their fuel systems ruptured during the wreck, meaning the bikes were more likely to catch fire or explode.

That last statistic proves that motorcycles are less safe and more deadly than regular passenger vehicles. And that has makers of motorbikes on the defense in some court cases. Passenger vehicles are made of plastic and steel designed to protect the people inside from serious injury. Motorcycles don't have that advantage. And that causes some riders to claim that motorcycles are being sold to the public with deadly design flaws, such as a fuel system that bursts and could lead to an explosion or other engine design flaws. If that's the case, you might have a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. It's hard enough to figure out all the flaws on a new motorcycle. But used motorbikes might have unseen deadly flaws due to previous wreck damage. Don't try to do your own visual inspection. It is advised to have the used motorbike inspected by a qualified mechanic before you buy it. Don't purchase somebody else's two-wheel bubble that is about to burst. Your mechanic and the company that made the motorcycle are legally required to build a safe motorcycle and to give adequate service to ensure its safe operation. Bike makers make millions of dollars by selling motorcycles. So they should be responsible to their customers by offering safe modes of transportation. You might get a great deal ebay or craigslist, but if that great deal is going to leave you injured, it's not worth it. Acquire your motorcycle(s) from licensed dealers and get them to give you a great deal. The bike's origin and maintenance history can be verified if you get into a wreck.

Many cases have made it to court, where motorbike owners have filed civil lawsuits against manufacturers. And they won't until automakers are forced to address some design flaws and acknowledge their liability. So if you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys can assist you in getting the justice you deserve. Motorcycle accidents differ from most personal injury claims due to the likelihood of serious injuries and even fatalities linked to these cases. Non-attorneys should not go to court without the help of a real attorney. You can't watch enough law shows on television to finesse your way through a civil lawsuit. Without the help of a motorcycle accident attorney, you probably won't grasp the extent of your case, which means you will probably accept the first lowball offer defense attorneys toss your way. So don't offer a recorded statement or a written one either. The other side will show up to court with a lawyer, and you should too. Call today for a free legal consultation.

Beyond purchasing your motorcycle from a licensed dealer and ensuring your mechanic knows what to do, motorbike riders should wear safety gear and follow traffic laws to decrease the probability of serious wrecks. Wearing protective gear will help to protect the rider. Although it's not required, some safety gear includes a helmet, eye goggles, gloves, and heavy boots. Special pads are sewn into motorcycle pants and shirts to protect elbows and knees in case the driver falls. Falls from a motorbike is a part of the process. But when the rider falls from a motorcycle, it's usually onto a hard surface of asphalt or rocks and gravel that could leave the rider (s) with bad injuries and even fatal injuries.

Wannabe motorbike operators should pass a cycle safety course to evaluate their knowledge and abilities, like a driver's education class that most students take for credit. You'll learn about the latest motorcycle safety rules, motorcycle traffic rules, and your ability to pass simulated obstacle courses. No amount of money is worth your life or the live of your friend or relative.

In Texas, anyone under 21 years old must wear a helmet while riding on a motorcycle. If the person is 21 or older, helmets are optional, but the operator must complete a motorcycle training course or be able to show proof of health insurance. The faster a rider goes, the more likely the rider is to have a wreck.

When a bike rider is killed in a traffic accident that is the fault of someone else, a member of the deceased's family is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the other driver or the bike maker or a mechanic who individually or collectively is found to be at fault. Then the plaintiff would have to prove in court that (1) each party had a duty to cause no harm; (2) the parties breached their duties and (3) the deceased victim suffered damages that the liable parties should compensate. Damages could contain medical expenses that added up before the victim passed, lost wages that accrued because the victim was hospitalized, and the loss of wages in the future as head of household and/or the primary breadwinner.

In addition to having to prove the above items, public opinion about the risk-taking behavior of most bikers could make it harder for a judge or jury to side with a biker if its his word against that of the other driver. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can turn the tide of the jury and judge's opinion to your favor. We will help you to gather evidence and prepare for battle against insurance adjusters who want to stomp out your claim like an unwanted rodent and try to prove that your motorcycle accident is nobody's fault by your own.

With so many reasons to hire a motorcycle accident attorney, the best reason is that you need someone to help you fight for justice. So why not choose an experienced litigator with a history of courtroom victories, proven negotiation skills, and how we handle each case? Contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at the Carabin Shaw law firm today at 800-862-1260.

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