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Burn Injuries and Workers’ Compensation in Amarillo Texas

The workers of Amarillo have received many workplace burn injuries in 2020, such as chemical burns, electrical burns, and more. One injury is too many for the hardworking people of Amarillo. All our workers have the right to a safe work environment. If you were injured in a workplace burn injury, you may have grounds for legal action. You should contact a work injury attorney in Amarillo and discuss the circumstances of your accident to determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

We understand workplace burn victims have many questions about what burn injuries could apply for compensation and how workers’ compensation fits into the legal equation. To help get you started, we have included what you need to know about burn injuries and workers’ compensation in Amarillo Texas.

What Types of Burn Injuries Can Qualify?

Any kind of burn injury could potentially warrant filing a burn accident claim. People often think of thermal burns when they think of a burn injury, but a burn injury can also include:

  • Chemical Burns
  • Cold Burns
  • Friction Burns
  • Radiation Burns
  • Electrical Burns
  • Etc.

All of these types of burns can cause serious, long-term injury and should be treated with the utmost concern. If you have received any of these types of burns at the workplace, Amarillo burn injury attorneys may be able to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Factor into Your Claim?

There are specific rules surrounding workers’ compensation in regard to a workplace accident that was caused due to the negligence of your employer. The main restriction on filing a workplace injury claim is if your employer has offered you workers’ compensation, then you are not eligible to file a workplace accident claim.

However, if your employer has not offered you workers’ compensation for any reason (because you are a contractor, because they discredited your injury, because you are a seasonal worker, etc.), then you could potentially file a workplace accident claim. In any circumstance in which you have received a burn injury and no workers’ compensation was given, you should contact a work injury attorney in Amarillo.

What If Your Accident was Caused by a Third Party?

When a third party is proven to be directly negligent for your workplace burn injury, you may also have grounds to seek the representation of a personal injury lawyer. The legal requisite for filing a claim is if a party other than your direct employer causes your workplace burn injury, and you still have workers’ compensation available, then you could potentially recover damages for your injury.

Some of the third parties most commonly held accountable by Amarillo burn injury attorneys include:

  • Other Companies
  • Other Independent Contractors
  • Manufacturers

The best way to fully determine if you may be able to recover damages from the third party responsible for your injury is to seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney.

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