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Burn Injury Lawsuit FAQs

Have you or a loved one been severely injured in a Frisco burn accident? Are you searching for a Frisco burn injury lawyer to help you recover the cost of your damages? Carabin Shaw has put together a helpful guide for Frisco burn victims and their families to reference as they consider their options.

Q: Who is eligible to file a burn injury lawsuit?

A: Were you injured in a burn accident that was not your own fault? If your burn injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, you can and should seek compensation for those injuries. Even if you were partially responsible for your burn injuries, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Frisco Texas to learn if you are eligible to file.

Q: What damages can victims claim in a burn injury lawsuit?

A: Burn victims and their families deserve compensation for any losses they suffer after a burn accident. Most damages claimed in a burn injury lawsuit fall under three categories: physical injuries, financial costs, and pain and suffering. Burn victims should not have to accept a settlement that does not compensate them for the full cost of their damages.

Q: Who can be found financially liable for burn injuries?

A: Any parties who caused your burn injuries through negligence or wrongful act can be held financially liable. If another party (such as a landlord, appliance manufacturer, or employer, for example) owed you a duty of care and their breach of this duty resulted in your eventual burns, they are responsible for any subsequent damages.

Q: What happens if the liable parties are unable to pay the full cost of damages?

A: Burn victims should not hesitate to file a personal injury lawsuit because they suspect the plaintiff is unable to pay; in most cases, the plaintiff in a burn injury lawsuit does not pay out damages on their own. Instead, burn injury settlements will likely be paid out through the plaintiff’s commercial or homeowner’s insurance.

Q: Are victims still eligible to seek compensation if they were injured in a workplace burn accident?

A: Yes and no. If you have already accepted a workman’s compensation from your employer, then you are ineligible to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, if your employer failed to provide you with workman’s compensation or your injuries were caused by a thirty party (another worker, manager, contractor, or vendor, for example), you should contact a personal injury attorney to explore your options.

Q: Should I hire a Frisco burn injury lawyer?

A: Many families are hesitant to seek representation for fear of incurring high legal fees. If this describes you, it may be helpful to know that most reputable firms offer contingent-fee contracts. Under a contingent-fee contract, your lawyer’s fee is contingent upon your settlement amount; therefore, if your lawyer is unable to negotiate a fair settlement, you won’t pay them a dime.

It is also important to note that burn injury lawsuits require a sophisticated understanding of state and federal law as well as advanced negotiation skills; on average, burn victims who choose to represent themselves in settlement negotiations receive much lower settlements than victims represented by an experienced attorney.

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