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Can I Sue After an 18-Wheeler Accident: Las Cruces Trucking Injury Attorneys

Involvement in an 18-wheeler accident can be devastating. Many victims experience severe injuries, which lead to mounting medical bills, lost wages, and long-term suffering. In a regular car accident, determining fault is easy: it belongs to the negligent driver. However, in an 18-wheeler accident in Las Cruces, figuring out who is responsible is not that simple. Knowing how to proceed after an 18-wheeler accident is complicated, and your best option is to contact a Las Cruces truck accident lawyer whose experience can help you win your rightful compensation.

Our team at Carabin Shaw promises to do more than other law firms by putting 100% of our energy into your case. You can count on us as your 18-wheeler accident lawyers in New Mexico. You want to know, “Can I sue after an 18-wheeler accident?” The answer is yes, but it’s essential to know all your options to make an informed decision. Our attorneys can help.

How Are 18-Wheeler Accidents Different?

18-wheeler accidents are more complex than car accidents because many different parties can be held responsible:

  • The truck driver
  • The vehicle lessor or owner
  • The trucking company
  • The mechanic who provided improper repairs
  • Parts manufacturers

Determining the responsible party is the first step a lawyer will take to build your case because the negligent party will be who owes you compensation. Multiple factors contribute to who is responsible in an 18-wheeler accident case in Las Cruces, such as:

  1. The employer: The Hours of Service Regulation, found in part 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), puts limits on when and how long truckers can be behind the wheel to prevent fatigued driving. Often, however, trucking companies and employers push their drivers beyond these legal limitations to increase their profits, as well as forcing them to drive in unsafe conditions or overload their truck. If any of these apply to your case, a Las Cruces trucking injury attorney can determine that the employer is at fault.
  2. The driver: Driving under the influence, distracted driving such as texting, or tailgating are all examples of ways the driver could be at fault. If the driver is self-employed, then failure to follow the Hours of Service Regulation and other trucking laws will make the driver responsible. As a safety feature, trucks have a “black-box” similar to that of airplanes that collects engine data known as an ECM (Electronic Control Module). After a wreck, getting access to this information can prove useful for an attorney to create a case against the driver.
  3. The mechanic or parts manufacturer: Mechanical failure causes some accidents. A poor maintenance job could mean the mechanic is liable, but a faulty part like a brake pad may make the manufacturer responsible. If mechanical failure causes the wreck, a lawyer will help you determine how best to proceed.

Whoever is at fault owes you for your loss. Ascertaining the proper course of action, though, can be complicated, which is why it is in your best interest to discuss your circumstances with a truck wreck lawyer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. An attorney can help answer the tough questions and guide you through the complexity of an 18-wheeler accident.

Should You Sue?

18-wheeler accidents are not only tragic, but they’re also complicated. A Las Cruces 18-wheeler injury lawyer understands both who to sue and how. At Carabin Shaw, our attorneys know that large corporations own semi-trucks and want to limit your compensation. They will try to settle with you quickly to avoid paying you the settlement to which you’re entitled. Our job is to prevent that from happening, which is why we offer free consultations to anyone who needs our help.

If you’re wondering whether to sue after an 18-wheeler accident, the answer is probably yes, with Carabin Shaw at your side. Call us at 915-779-2301 or toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

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