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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When you check your family into a hotel or motel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you could be placing them in direct danger. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a perennial threat that is disproportionately present in hotel rooms and travel lodges, and it has only been getting worse in recent years.

For traveling families that fall victim to this deadly gas while staying at hotels in Santa Fe, New Mexico, uncertainty may obscure the justice they deserve for the wrongs done to them. Anyone who checks into a room has the right to not expect that their purchase might harm them – or worse, leave them dead.

Lawyers everywhere agree that the spirit of the law is clear: these victims are owed a duty by the businesses that failed them, and their best chance at obtaining compensation lies with the assistance of Santa Fe injury lawyers, such as those with Carabin Shaw.

Why is Carbon Monoxide a Danger in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

While carbon monoxide poisoning is always a potential threat in any home, business, or building that uses fuel-burning appliances, it has a nasty history of posing the greatest and most unexpected threat to guests at hotels and motels, and it happens with such regularity that our lawyers have to stay ready for the next inevitable disaster.

Many of these establishments still use carbon-monoxide-producing equipment, and as the buildings and appliances age, the likelihood that a malfunction will allow deadly gas to creep into guest accommodations increases. Though most tragedies are easily avoided with the correct installation and placement of detectors, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of states do not have laws that mandate or prescribe carbon monoxide prevention for private businesses, even when those businesses provide overnight lodging for the public.

Even though these common-sense precautions are comparatively inexpensive, hotels routinely pass them over for various reasons. When faced with lawyers bringing suits against them on behalf of those harmed, however, no reason is ever as good as hotel management might have thought.

How Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers in Santa Fe Can Help

Hopefully, hotel businesses aren’t more ready to defend themselves against carbon monoxide poisonings than to prevent them. As a business, however, they are ready and well-equipped to defend themselves against lawsuits in general. Many maintain their own corporate lawyers on retainer to do just that.

To have any chance of success at a claim, victims need a competent and dedicated team of attorneys of their own. To prove the negligence of the hotel or motel is at fault for your family’s injuries and damages, a few things must happen:

  • carbon monoxide must be proven beyond doubt to have caused harm;
  • the carbon monoxide must be traced back to its source in the hotel;
  • and that source or leak must be shown to have been within the hotel’s
  • responsibility to prevent or correct.

Therefore, a winning lawsuit will need to pull in outside experts, building and maintenance histories, and industry knowledge, and a seasoned lawyer with the expertise to do so. Rest assured that Carabin Shaw’s carbon monoxide lawyers in Santa Fe have the tools and the resources to take on hotels that have through negligence endangered the innocent.

The Lawyers at Carabin Shaw Are Here for You

Carabin Shaw knows the average family doesn’t plan for a tragedy, and the average family budget doesn’t account for the expense of a lawyer or a lawsuit. That’s why our Santa Fe accident attorneys offer their services at no initial cost to clients – we don’t collect any fees unless we win your case, and the money comes from those at fault for your claim.

When you call the law offices of Carabin Shaw, our friendly representatives will put you in touch with one of our legal professionals in a one-on-one case consultation at absolutely no cost to you.

If your family has been harmed by carbon monoxide while staying in Santa Fe, New Mexico, don’t risk losing your right to compensation and closure. Speak to a carbon monoxide poisoning attorney in Santa Fe by calling the law offices of Carabin Shaw toll-free, twenty-four hours a day, at 800-862-1260 today.

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