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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a Baton Rouge Hotel

The hotels of Baton Rouge are experiencing strong business in recent years. Travelers want to experience our vibrant food and nightlife, to watch an LSU football game, to conduct business in our booming ports, and more. Visitors deserve to stay in these hotels without any concern of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you or one of your loved ones were involved in carbon monoxide poisoning from a Baton Rouge hotel, please contact a Louisiana injury lawyer to determine if you may be eligible to receive compensation.

Attorney of Counsel of Carabin Shaw, Berit Hanna has the experience and resources to help you in your path to justice. Ms. Hanna has been representing the victims of carbon monoxide poisoning for years, and she is committed to recovering the damages that her clients deserve. When you contact the office of attorney Berit Hanna, you are receiving the services of the best possible Baton Rouge carbon monoxide poisoning attorney.

After a carbon monoxide poisoning occurs, victims are often unsure how to move forward. To help with this, we have provided some basic information regarding the common causes of hotel carbon monoxide poisoning and who can potentially be held liable.

Common Causes of Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

There are many possible causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel. Basically put, any carbon monoxide-emitting equipment that malfunctions or is not ventilated properly can cause a build-up of the gas and become poisonous. Some of the most common causes of hotel carbon monoxide poisonings that warrant contacting a Louisiana injury lawyer include:

  • Furnaces

    Because hotels are often enormous buildings, they usually contain large furnaces that are used to keep the building heated in the colder months. The carbon monoxide that is emitted from these furnaces should be closely regulated and must be properly ventilated. If the furnace develops a leak or if the ventilation path becomes blocked, the levels of carbon monoxide can become poisonous and a lawyer should be contacted.

  • Water Heaters

    A popular feature of modern hotels is consistent hot water. To achieve this amenity, Baton Rouge hotels have numerous, large water heaters. These pieces of equipment should contain emission control regulators, but if those devices fail and a build-up occurs, the gas can leak into the rooms of guests.

  • Pool Equipment

    Depending on the hotel and the pool amenities they offer, the pool equipment can vary in size and in power. With larger pools and pools with features like slides and waterfalls, the equipment is larger and more powerful, which potentially increases the amount of carbon monoxide it can emit. If the equipment malfunctions and a poisonous build-up occurs, a Baton Rouge carbon monoxide poisoning attorney may be able to help establish liability.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Determining who can be held liable depends on the specific cause of the leak and who was responsible for installation and maintenance. The party most often held liable by an attorney is the hotel itself because they are responsible for the health of their guests.

Additionally, an HVAC contractor may be held liable in the circumstances of a negligent or reckless installation. Even the manufacturer of the equipment could possibly be held accountable if the equipment is found to be faulty. The best way to determine eligibility is to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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