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Causes of Catastrophic Burns in Arvada CO

Severe burn injuries can have a huge impact on your health and finances. If you have suffered from extreme burns in Arvada CO, you might be wondering how you will cover the expenses of your hospital stay, the necessary pain medications and antibiotics, and additional physical therapy treatment. If your injuries have prevented you from working for a long period of time, these costs will seem even more daunting.

Fortunately, help is available. Carabin Shaw’s legal team will help you file a personal injury claim and potentially see the costs of your injury covered in a settlement. Our Arvada CO burn injury attorneys have decades of experience helping victims pursue claims and win settlements.

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Is a Personal Injury Claim Right for Me?

A personal injury claim is your best chance to recoup both the financial costs of your injury and see some of its noneconomic impacts on your life monetarily addressed. In order for your claim to succeed, you and your attorney should be able to argue that your injuries were the result of another party’s negligence.

There are several ways in which negligence can lead to severe burn injuries. Some negligent causes of catastrophic burns include:

Commercial Building Fires

If you were injured in a burning building, it’s possible that the building was not up to Arvada CO fire codes, which demonstrates negligence on the part of ownership. For example, a lack of clearly-designated fire exits with illuminated signs, or a lack of clear, unobstructed pathways to those exits, are violations of Colorado fire codes and put patrons at severe risk.

Fires at Home

Apartment or home fires can, similarly, demonstrate negligence on the part of your landlord. Faulty or poorly-maintained wiring can lead to devastating electrical fires. Even improperly-installed smoke detectors constitute negligence.

Colorado law requires one smoke detector to be within at least 15 feet of each bedroom, and those detectors should be inspected regularly. A personal injury lawyer with experience working for Arvada burn victims can help you determine whether to pursue a personal injury claim against your property’s ownership.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Kitchen appliances have been known to occasionally malfunction and cause first-, second-, and even third-degree burns. For example, a 2018 class action lawsuit alleged that a Cuisinart pressure cooker model would occasionally explode and severely injure users. These malfunctions represent negligence on the part of the manufacturer, as they failed to properly test and inspect products before bringing them to market.

Vehicle Fires

These fires can be considered the fault of a negligent driver. A driver who causes a crash while speeding, distracted, or under the influence is operating negligently. If you have suffered extensive burns as the result of an auto accident, a skilled personal injury attorney can help you pursue a claim against the at-fault driver.

Workplace Fires

Malfunctioning machinery, poorly-contained caustic chemicals, and/or unsafe work orders can lead to fires at work. Negligent ownership or supervision can be considered the cause of many burns incurred at work. If you have suffered a serious injury at work, you will have to internally file a workers’ comp claim rather than pursue a personal injury claim. However, it is still advisable to discuss your claim with an attorney before filing.

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If you’re unsure whether or not your burns can be attributed to negligence, or if you are ready to begin the process of pursuing a personal injury claim, the Colorado personal injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are standing by to help. Our legal team works on a contingency agreement, and will only accept fees after a settlement is won.

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