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Child Injury and Abuse at a Colorado Daycare

If you suspect that your child is being abused at their daycare, you are likely at a loss for what to do next. Learning that your family’s trust has been violated in this way is traumatic, and legal action may be the furthest thing from your mind during the immediate aftermath. However, a successful lawsuit can help bring you financial security and peace of mind you and your child need to move forward.

The team of child sexual abuse attorneys at Carabin Shaw can help you and your family pursue a legal settlement. Our lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will not take a legal fee until you obtain a winning settlement. To learn more about our services, call us at 800-862-1260 and set up your free, no-obligation initial consultation and case review. Our English- and Spanish-speaking staff members are available to take your calls 24/7.

How to Recognize The Signs of Daycare Abuse

Many children who experience abuse are hesitant to come forward about it, are afraid, or don’t understand the extent of the wrongdoing. Therefore, it is important to recognize some indications that they are being mistreated at daycare. These include:

  • Unexplained marks and injuries
  • Severe anxiety, especially around going to daycare
  • Newfound anxiety around touch
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Sudden and extreme behavioral changes

None of the above are conclusive proof of abuse. If you notice and become concerned about any of these potential signs, consult a qualified child psychologist before seeking the services of a Colorado child injury lawyer.

Next Steps After Becoming Aware of Abuse at Your Child’s Daycare

If your child speaks out about being abused, or if their therapist recommends further action, take the following steps:

  • Withdraw your child from daycare and look for other options
  • Provide your child with the necessary medical and psychological care
  • Talk to your child and assure them that the abuse that they suffered was not their fault
  • File a complaint with the police
  • Look for a daycare abuse lawyer in Colorado
  • Begin the procedure for filing a civil lawsuit
Why Should I Pursue a Child Abuse Lawsuit?

After learning that your child was the victim of abuse at their daycare, you are likely concerned first and foremost with getting them the care that they need and ensuring that the perpetrator is criminally prosecuted. You, therefore, might not want to concern yourself with civil legal action.

While this impulse is understandable, and your child’s welfare should remain your priority, a civil legal settlement can help your family by:

  • Giving you the financial freedom to explore other childcare options
  • Covering the expenses of your child’s medical treatment and therapy
  • Compensating you for time that you’ve taken away from work to care for your child
  • Giving you the assurance that those responsible for abusing or enabling the abuse of your child are facing consequences

A successful lawsuit will not solve everything, but it will allow you the flexibility to get your child all the help that they need.

What to Know Before Filing a Lawsuit in Colorado

Your lawsuit will have to name the correct parties who were responsible for the abuse that your child went through. Colorado is a mandatory reporting state, meaning that childcare employees are required to report any abuse that they become aware of to law enforcement. Therefore, your suit could include not only the employee or employees who touched your child inappropriately, but any coworkers or supervisors who may have noticed and failed to report the abuse.

Also, keep in mind that filing the right paperwork for a lawsuit can be a confusing and complex process. Forgetting even a minor step can have negative ramifications for your case, and may even cost you your settlement. Therefore, it is important that you have an attorney who has experience with cases involving child injury and abuse at a Colorado daycare to cover these bases for you.

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