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Child Sexually Assaulted at a Colorado Daycare? Guide for Parents

The sexual abuse of a child can have long-term effects for the victim and their family alike. The parents of a child who has experience sexual abuse at their Colorado daycare may be unsure what steps to take to ensure their child sees justice for the trauma they have suffered.

In order to help parents grappling with the aftermath of their child’s daycare sexual abuse, the Carabin Shaw daycare abuse lawyers in Colorado have put together the following guide for parents of daycare sexual assault victims. This guide can provide general advice for parents who would like to learn more, but be sure to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney before taking further action.

Child Sexual Assault Statistics

The nonprofit organization Darkness to Light is dedicated to preventing child abuse and spreading awareness about the effects of sexual assault. The organization reports that:

  • Only 10% of children are sexually abused by strangers. Most sexual assault is committed by people known to the child (and often the family). Darkness to Light reports that 50% of all sexual assaults of children are committed by someone outside the family the child trusts (such as a teacher, babysitter, coach, youth pastor, or other daycare and child care workers).
  • 80% of children who have been sexually assaulted are hesitant to disclose their abuse to a parent or other adult. 75% only disclose their abuse by accident (usually by displaying common physical or behavioral symptoms of abuse).
  • 70% of all child molesters have anywhere from 1 to 9 victims. By reporting your child’s abuse, you could be preventing the future sexual assault of other children.
  • The Effects of Daycare Sexual Assault (Damages in Your Lawsuit)

What are the most common injuries to a child sexually assaulted at a Colorado daycare? In a daycare sexual abuse lawsuit, you may choose to seek compensation for a variety of damages your child and family have suffered.

These damages are generally categorized by physical, emotional, and financial losses. As a direct result of daycare sexual abuse, your child and family may suffer:

Physical Injury

Among many potential physical injuries, children who have been sexually assaulted at daycare may exhibit genital bruising/bleeding or develop sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to have your child seen by a medical professional to assess the full extent of their injuries.

Emotional Trauma

While some children will be physically injured by their abuse, all children will experience some degree of emotional or psychological injury. While no financial settlement will erase the pain and suffering of your child, they still deserve fair compensation to begin the journey to healing.

Financial Losses

Treatment of physical and emotional injuries may cost families thousands in doctor visits, prescription medications, and therapy bills. In order to ensure your child can continue receiving the long-term care they need, claiming these damages in your lawsuit can guarantee your child gets the help they need.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit With a Colorado Child Injury Lawyer

In order to receive financial compensation to cover the costs of these losses, it is important to hire a qualified child injury lawyer to represent your family’s best interests during settlement negotiations.

After you have provided your child with any emergency care and removed them from their abusive daycare environment, schedule your case review with a child injury lawyer to learn more about the damages you can claim, filing criminal vs civil charges, and whether settling out of court is right for you.

Call the Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys at Carabin Shaw

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