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Civil Lawsuit Following an Auto Accident in Las Cruces

Every day, Las Cruces residents get in their cars and travel across town—to work, to school, to visit family. We do it so regularly we don’t often think about the fact that an accident can happen at any time. A Las Cruces auto accident can cause injuries, pain and suffering, and even death. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, read on to find out how a Carabin Shaw attorney can represent you and protect your interests.

What to do After a Las Cruces Car Accident

There are several things you can do to help your civil lawsuit following an auto accident in Las Cruces. The first thing you’ll want to do following an accident is seek medical attention. A Las Cruces car accident attorney will be better able to protect you and, following your car accident, sue for damages, if you sought medical attention immediately. There may be some injuries that you aren’t aware of at first, such as a concussion or whiplash, that a doctor will be able to examine you for. Identifying these injuries early can help get your settlement to you sooner.

Another thing you should do after a car accident is file a police report. In some cases, there may be criminal charges filed against the driver of the car that hit you, especially if alcohol or drugs were involved. However, even in the absence of a criminal charge, you can still file a civil suit to recover damages.

A Las Cruces auto accident may render you unable to work or provide for your family for a long period of time or cause pain and suffering that you should be compensated for, and these things are often addressed in civil lawsuits regardless of the status of a criminal charge. Always keep in mind that criminal responsibility and civil liability are different and have different burdens of proof. An auto accident attorney Las Cruces NM will be able to investigate your case and determine if a civil lawsuit is the best way to get you the compensation you deserve whether there are criminal charges or not.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

After a car accident in Las Cruces, you will exchange insurance information with the other driver. It is important for you to know that you are under no obligation to speak to an insurance agent without a lawyer. The opposing insurance company may be eager to speak with you and aggressive in pursuing a conversation because without representation, you may inadvertently give them information that will allow them to deny your car accident claim for injury. You do not want to give an aggressive insurance agent any information they can turn against you, so the safest course of action is to seek representation after a Las Cruces auto accident.

It’s tragic when a car accident results in the death of a driver or passenger. However, if a fatality occurred in your accident, it is even more important to speak with an attorney. There is a greater likelihood of criminal charges in a fatal accident, and this could complicate your dealings with insurance companies. You want to be as helpful as possible to the prosecutors pursuing criminal charges, but you also want to make sure that you’re not jeopardizing your civil suit for compensation.

A Las Cruces car accident attorney will be able to work with prosecutors to ensure you are as helpful as possible while also protecting you from the aggressive tactics of the other driver’s insurance company.

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