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Colorado Requirements for Residential Swimming Pool Owners

Owning a pool is a symbol of the American dream for many homeowners and a great way to unwind in the summertime. But owning a pool is also a huge responsibility, and there are many legal regulations that homeowners must follow if they choose to install a swimming pool in their yard. These regulations are in place in order to prevent deaths and injuries that frequently occur around unsecured pools, such as drownings or slip and falls. But what are the Colorado requirements for residential swimming pool owners? And what recourse do accident victims have if these requirements are not followed by property owners?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions or you’re looking for swimming pool accident lawyers serving Colorado, our legal experts in Colorado are here to help. Read on to learn more, and to find out how to contact a trusted Colorado injury attorney.

Legal Requirements for Colorado Homeowners With Swimming Pools

According to the Code of Colorado Regulations, swimming pool owners in the state must abide by all of the following legal requirements:

  • Obtain a permit before constructing a pool
  • All structures must meet zoning requirements
  • Entry to the pool must be secured by a fence or other barrier
  • Residents on a septic tank may need to obtain approval from their county health department before building a pool
  • Provide entrapment protection provisions for their pool
  • Conduct required inspections of ALL of the following: pool structure, circulation/drains, electrical bonding, back flow, gas piping, the electrical system, and the permanent fence. A final inspection of the pool must be completed as well once all construction is complete.
  • Fencing must be complete—and equipped with entry warning alarms if the house is part of the barrier—prior to filling the pool with water
  • Fences must be a minimum of four feet tall
  • The gate must swing outwards (away from the pool) and must also be self-closing
  • Overhead service entrance cables must be 22.5’ from the water level in all directions
  • And more
What if Colorado Pool Regulations are Not Followed by Homeowners?

If pool owners fail to abide by all of these regulations at all times, they open themselves up to lawsuits if a person is injured while on their property in a swimming pool accident. This is because of premises liability law, which states that property owners have a legal duty of care to ensure that their property is safe for visitors.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a swimming pool accident on another person’s property, our swimming pool accident lawyers serving Colorado want you to know that you may be able to sue the property owner for damages and recover compensation for injuries.

However, you will first need to hire a qualified personal injury attorney who will investigate your case to determine whether it is possible to prove negligence, and find out whether or not the homeowner took reasonable precautions and kept their pool up to code.

Looking for a Qualified Attorney After Your Swimming Pool Accident? Call Us ASAP for a Free Consultation With a Lawyer

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