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Colorado Springs Burn Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered from burn injuries in Colorado Springs, you may be wondering whether or not you should file a lawsuit. Serious burns require extensive medical care, and the costs of a hospital stay, physical rehabilitation, and medication can quickly add up. A legal settlement could ease your financial stress, but how realistic is that option?

Fortunately, Colorado attorneys at Carabin Shaw are here to help. Our legal team can assist you in determining whether or not a personal injury claim is right for you, and, if you decide to go ahead and pursue one, will be by your side to guide you through the process.

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When Should I Pursue a Burn Injury Claim?

In order to win a burn injury settlement, you and your Colorado Springs burn accident attorney will have to demonstrate that your injuries were the result of negligent behavior on behalf of another party. Negligence can lead to burn injuries in one of several ways:

Defective Products

Design or manufacturing flaws can sometimes cause the heating components in household kitchen appliances to malfunction, which can seriously injure users.

In 2017, Keurig had to pay nearly $6 million in settlements after a defect in a line of coffee makers was found to cause scalding burns. A defect of this magnitude represents negligence at the corporate level, and a knowledgeable Colorado Springs burn injury lawyer can help you pursue a settlement from the company responsible.

Vehicle Fires

Bad car accidents can sometimes result in vehicle fires and severe burns for the occupants. If you were burned in an accident in which you were not at-fault, the other party may be financially responsible for your injuries.

This is especially likely if they were operating in obviously negligent ways, such as driving under the influence. An experienced lawyer can help you pursue a personal injury claim for burns sustained in a car accident.

Poor Building Safety Standards

Owners and operators of buildings with substandard fire safety measures may be held responsible for any injuries caused by fires on their property.

Colorado Springs requires that public buildings provide clearly-marked and illuminated exit signs for any room with more than one exit. These signs also must be able to run for at least 90 minutes on a backup energy source in the case of a power outage. No exit paths should ever be blocked, regardless of how many alternative paths are available.

Building owners also have to ensure that sprinkler systems are properly installed and regularly inspected. If you were injured in a public building fire and believe that the owners could have been in violation of any of the above codes, contact a Colorado Springs burn accident attorney to discuss the possibility of a claim.

Burns at Work

Working around heavy machinery and with caustic or combustible materials creates a serious risk of burn injuries. If you have been injured on the job, you will have to internally file a workers’ compensation claim rather than pursue a settlement. However, if your claim is denied, your attorney can help you appeal the decision.

Free Case Review at Carabin Shaw

Colorado places a two-year statute of limitations on tort lawsuits, so if your case sounds like one of the above, make sure to find a personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs to help you pursue a claim as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions about the validity of your personal injury claim and the services of the team of Colorado attorneys at Carabin Shaw, call 800-862-1260 at your earliest convenience for a free consultation.

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