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Common Carrier

Beaumont is no stranger to the accidents that occur in airports. If you are a frequent traveler, it is best to be prepared with an attorney in case you receive injuries from any Beaumont airport accidents. Common carriers are supposed to ensure your safety but do not feel liable when they fail to do so. Do not suffer injuries from these common carriers and lose out on compensation you deserve.

What is a Common Carrier?

One term that comes up repeatedly in Beaumont airline negligence cases is that of the common carrier. Most individuals are unaware that these airlines – and many other transportation companies, for that matter – are classified as common carriers. This classification can have a significant impact on your claim if you suffer an injury while using their services.

Simply put, a common carrier is a type of business entity that transports people who are members of the general public and gets paid to do so. An airline that serves the general public fits precisely into this definition, alongside taxi drivers, bus drivers, and so forth. These common carriers have a legal obligation to keep the patrons who use them safely.

This determination is significant because a common carrier is supposed to have a heightened duty to protect the public in its care from harm, as well as to warn the public of the types of dangers that exist in their operations. An airline can be found liable for negligence and damages if an individual utilizing its services suffers injuries or has their property damaged while traveling.

You Need a Beaumont Airline Negligence Attorney

Unfortunately, safety is not always provided for the people using this business. Common carrier accidents, specifically airline accidents happen frequently. Contact an airline negligence attorney if you are involved in an accident with a common carrier. Carabin Shaw can give you the advice you are looking for from a team of highly experienced attorneys and prevent a lengthy battle with a common carrier.

Liability of Airlines

While an airline might not have to guarantee the safety of passengers for naturally occurring dangers – like ice, for example – they may be responsible if an individual suffers injury due to dangers caused directly by the airline. The dangers caused by airlines include:

  • Injuries as a result of misplaced luggage in the terminal or airplane,
  • Negligence while being assisted by a wheelchair attendant,
  • Poor upkeep of terminal and equipment because of improper janitorial services,
  • Or patrons struck by an electric cart in the airport,

Additionally, a common carrier may be liable if an individual’s luggage is either damaged or lost while using the common carrier. What this means is that an airline and other common carriers have a heightened duty of care as compared to the average person, and could potentially face additional liability for their negligence.

Nonetheless, an individual must still show that the airline or common carrier did something that the law would recognize as a mistake and that this event has caused the injury. Even as a common carrier, an airline cannot be sued for the proverbial “Acts of God”. If you have been hurt in an airport or airline accident of any type, you may wish to have an experienced airline attorney review the facts of your case.

Call Carabin Shaw’s Beaumont Attorneys

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