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Dangers for Oilfield Workers in Van Horn

In the state of Texas, many workers have the opportunity to make good wages working in the oilfield. Although the economy is booming in Van Horn, Texas and the rest of the Permian Basin, these opportunities come with many risks. The dangers for oilfield workers are constant and can cause serious injury. If you or a loved one has been injured working in the oilfield, know that Texas oilfield accident lawyers can be there for you. Our staff at Carabin Shaw is a highly trained team of seasoned professionals, and we care about listening to the unique circumstances of every client’s case. Ultimately, we’re here because we want justice for you if you’ve been involved in oilfield accidents in Van Horn.

The Common Causes of Oilfield Injuries

In the oilfields in Van Horn, Texas, a lot of things could go wrong at any given moment. If proper precautions and procedures aren’t being followed, there can easily be a catastrophe. Here are the most common causes of injuries in the oilfield:

  • Unenforced safety policies - At both the state and federal level, oilfields are required to adhere to specific safety policies. However, it is common for safety regulations to be forgotten in the fast-paced working environment or ignored in favor of increasing production speed. To learn more, consult an attorney.
  • Insufficient training - Often, injuries are due to a lack of training. Although many oil workers train at roughneck and drilling schools, their lack of experience can be a problem. Oilfields offer on-the-job training, but these programs are sometimes better in theory than in practice. When training is not prioritized, disaster can ensue.
  • Poor supervision - When oilfields are understaffed, supervisors are spread thin and unable to oversee every worker at all times. When inexperienced workers go unsupervised, injuries can happen. If your accident was caused by poor supervision, talk to experienced West Texas attorneys.
  • Improperly maintained equipment - The oilfield often requires the use of heavy machinery, and it’s imperative these machines are properly maintained at all times. If they aren’t, people can get hurt. A lawyer can tell you more.
  • Fatigue - It’s common for employees in the oilfield to work 12-hour shifts for 7 days straight because oilfields are in operation 24/7. These exhausting hours can lead to extreme fatigue, which increases the risk of oilfield accidents in Van Horn.
Types of Injuries in the Oilfield

When something goes wrong in the oilfield, there can be serious injury. Below are the most common types of injuries affecting oilfield workers:

  • Neck and back injuries - Oilfield workers are constantly at risk for these. Workers can injure their neck and back through dealing with heavy equipment, falling off a platform, or an explosion.
  • Burns - One of the dangers for oilfield workers is burns. Oilfield workers are surrounded by hot equipment and the possibility of explosions, which can lead to severe burns that could leave an employee permanently disfigured.
  • Traumatic brain injuries - Head injuries occur all too often in the oilfield. They can range from a mild concussion to permanent brain damage, which can impact a person’s life forever. If you suffered brain injuries because of an oilfield accident, you need an attorney to help you get justice.
  • Eye injuries - The use of chemicals, the threat of explosions, and debris can cause eye injuries for oilfield workers, which can permanently affect an employee’s vision. Texas oilfield accident lawyers can be there for you if your eyes were damaged on the job.
How to Fight Back

After suffering an injury in the oilfield, you need justice. You need experienced West Texas attorneys by your side. Our staff at Carabin Shaw knows how to fight for victims injured in the oilfield. We’ve won over 1 billion for our clients, and that’s because we care. Call us today at 915-779-2301 for a free consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

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