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Exploring Your Legal Options - What You Need to Know about Filing a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit in New Mexico

In a 2019 study, the Martindale-Avvo group found that 70 percent of all plaintiffs who file personal injury lawsuits receive compensation. Even though most lawsuits don’t go to trial, lawyers still make a significant difference in the total compensation: without a lawyer, the average amount is $17,600; with a lawyer, this average increases to $77,600.

Public health data shows that around 180 people per year visit the Emergency Department for carbon monoxide poisoning in New Mexico. Although this number isn’t enormous, many people suffer lasting injuries, often due to the negligence of others. In these cases, the trusted New Mexico attorneys at Carabin Shaw can maximize the compensation you recover through a lawsuit.

Showing that Negligence Led to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Injuries

With carbon monoxide personal injury cases, lawsuits are typically based on proving liability due to negligence. To do so, lawyers must demonstrate that another party breached a duty to uphold a contract (such as a lease) or follow relevant regulations. As a result, the defendant caused damages that carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers in New Mexico seek to recover for you.

The following parties might be responsible for neglecting to prevent carbon monoxide hazards:

  • Property owners
  • Hotel owners
  • Employers
  • Owners or managers of residential care facilities, schools, or daycares
  • Owners or managers of leisure centers, swimming pools, churches, and other assembly spaces
  • Appliance installation or maintenance companies
  • Contractors
  • Product manufacturers
Importance of Negotiation in Personal Injury Cases

What you need to know about filing a carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit in New Mexico is that approximately 96 percent of personal injury lawsuits don’t go to trial. How, then, does an attorney primarily help your carbon monoxide poisoning case?

Most often, a liability insurance company pays damages rather than a defendant. Without legal representation, a common mistake is accepting a settlement without negotiating for maximum compensation. Your attorneys can also help with alternatives to lawsuits, such as pursuing workers’ compensation benefits when you’re exposed to carbon monoxide on the job.

With a settlement, there are usually lower legal costs and less time between your incident and receipt of payment. While you could lose a trial, accepting a settlement guarantees payment and can also be kept confidential. However, you might pursue a trial for a variety of reasons, and your lawyers can discuss the pros and cons with you.

Possible Outcomes for a New Mexico Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit

Over time, carbon monoxide poisons you by replacing the oxygen in your red blood cells. As a result, oxygen deprivation to major organs causes long-term injuries. Although many effects are reversible if caught in time, extreme cases unfortunately often involve heart damage, brain damage, coma, and death.

In your carbon monoxide lawsuit, a settlement or trial ruling might provide compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical bills (past and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Permanent disability accommodations
  • Chronic pain management
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life

Insurance companies frequently attempt to downplay noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering, but your legal team can anticipate and address their tactics.

Power of a Trusted Lawyer in Your Poisoning Case

Experienced attorneys known how to prove the extent of the damages you’ve suffered. To make convincing arguments for receiving compensation, lawyers can offer the following:

  • Conducting detailed investigations of your circumstances
  • Gathering appropriate documentation of your carbon monoxide injuries
  • Collecting other evidence, such as expert testimony
  • Applying knowledge of legal precedents and valid legal claims for your

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