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Exposure to Toxic Chemicals | Kermit, Texas Oilfield Accidents

The ongoing boom in the oil and gas industry has stimulated the economy in Texas, while also threatening the health of oil and gas workers in Kermit. Oilfield workers are exposed to toxic chemicals and dangerous fumes on a daily basis, and face serious health risks as a result. In fact, at least nine oil and gas employees have died since 2010 after inhaling petroleum gases.

If you’re worried about exposure to toxic chemicals in Kermit, Texas, then read on to learn more about your risks, according to our Kermit, Texas accident lawyers. We’ve compiled information on the most dangerous chemicals workers are commonly exposed to on oilfields, as well as tips on choosing the right Kermit oilfield accident lawyer if your health has been compromised by exposure to harmful substances on the job.

Dangerous Chemicals and Toxins Oilfield Workers Are Exposed To

1. Benzene

Benzene is a chemical that comes from crude oil. It is a known carcinogen that has been linked to leukemia, breast cancer, and urinary cancers. Oilfield workers can be exposed to benzene through air exposure or (less commonly) through contact with skin. Exposure to benzene in either liquid or vapor form can lead to eye, skin, and throat irritation, and it can also cause blisters or redness on skin. Inhaling benzene can lead to dizziness, headaches, confusion, drowsiness, tremors, or even unconsciousness. Long-term exposure to benzene can damage bone marrow, which may lead to serious health conditions such as anemia.

2. Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbon gases and vapors (HGVs) are extremely dangerous, and have been a factor in the deaths of multiple oilfield workers. HGVs can build up under pressure and escape when tanks are opened. Exposure to HGVs can cause disorientation, and can also negatively impact eyes, lungs, and the nervous system.

3. Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide

Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are pollutants found in petroleum products that are associated with lung cancer and heart attacks, among other cardiopulmonary problems. Employers can help limit exposure by utilizing high quality air filtration systems, although not all oil companies utilize these systems.

Symptoms of Exposure to Dangerous Oilfield Chemicals

Workers who have been exposed to dangerous petroleum gases may experience symptoms of dizziness, drunkenness, or light-headedness, which will suddenly disappear once they have returned to fresh air. Other symptoms include chemical burns, lung damage, neurological problems, or asthma. In severe cases, exposure can lead to cancer or even death. If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms as an oilfield worker, you should contact a Kermit oilfield accident lawyer; you may have grounds for a legal claim.

Hurt On the Job? You Need an Oilfield Injury Attorney in Kermit

If you’ve been harmed on the job by exposure to chemicals, we strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified work injury attorney in Kermit to discuss your legal options and next steps. If your company has failed to provide proper protective equipment or safety training, then you have been the victim of their negligence and may have grounds for a lawsuit. A qualified lawyer can help you determine who is at fault and who can be held liable for your injuries. Once your attorney has determined liability, you will then be able to discuss the best possible legal strategy for obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Here at Carabin Shaw, our attorneys have a combined 200 years of legal experience and have been handling oilfield accident cases for more than two decades. We offer all new clients a free consultation with a lawyer, meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call.

To schedule your free consultation with an experienced Kermit oilfield accident lawyer, call our office serving Kermit at 432-620-0544. Contact us today and learn what Carabin Shaw’s Kermit, Texas accident lawyers can do for you.

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